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  1. It’s coming an all out monsoon here at the house currently! So far 1.55in of rain today. 0.20in this AM and 1.35in just this evening. Of which 1/2in has fallen in just 20min!! Having an occasional lightning strike and clap of thunder too! 10 day rule???
  2. It had switched to rain but now is mixing back with snow again here! I think it’s because a little bit heavier returns moved overhead. Maybe it will switch back for you guys up that way too. Meanwhile, I don’t know if we’re going to make it to 43 today given this precip that moved in. The temp climbed to 37 before the heavier precip moved in and has steadily dropped. It’s now 33. Well that was a brief dip to 33. Precip quit and now back to 34. It was fun while it lasted I guess
  3. Got a nice little band of sleet and snow moving through right now. Kinda thought it had all moved on out. Maybe one last hurrah for this system.
  4. 1.25in here on the NE side of Morristown. Tapering off now to light snow.
  5. Seeing a mix of drizzle and snow here now. Temp is 34 though and moisture moving out, but since today is my birthday, I’m considering it a huge win! Can only count on one hand the number of days it’s snowed or there was snow on the ground for my day.
  6. I’ve been in Rutledge most of the day. On the way over here from a Morristown, snow started mixing in around Bean Station at about 10:30. Then it switched to heavy snow, flakes as big as any I’ve ever seen anywhere! Snowed till about 12:30. Totally didn’t expect that. It probably was between 1/4-1/2in on the grass, decks, and cars at the height of it. Now it’s melting off. Wife said it was snowing heavily in Morristown too. I guess the precip rate was heavy enough to drag down enough cold air to switch it over. Man, what I wouldn’t have given for the temp to have been just a few degrees colder!
  7. Winding with 4.5in. This was a crazy system for sure. Reminds me of a few years ago when that system came through and was supposed to be all rain and it was snow here in the valley. However, somehow a warm nose developed in the foothills and mtns. And they ended up with mostly rain. This one was obviously different, but strange for sure.
  8. 4in. now. Quite honestly this is far more than I ever expected and it’s just insane how hard it’s snowing right now!
  9. Closing in on 3in now. Heavy snow at the moment! Lovin it!
  10. Closing in on 2in here in NE Hamblen. With moderate to heavy snow currently falling!
  11. Moderate snow here now between 1/2-3/4in on picnic table. Grass and surfaces are turning white. Roads are also turning white wind is howling out of the E/NE.
  12. Maybe so would love to see them add a few more. I mean they already have Jefferson as up to 4in. If they hit that, it would be WSW criteria. I guess we’ll see how it transpires. They probably won’t though because that wording implies only isolated spots receiving 4in. Maybe this system will be so dynamic it will get everyone into good snow and we’ll all wake up smiling tomorrow. One can hope right?!
  13. I just saw where MRX upgraded Hamblen to the WSW now calling for 4-7in!
  14. Mix of rain and snow in NE Hamblen Co now
  15. That trailing piece of energy is very fascinating. The RGEM shows it almost phasing with the backside of the departing low and keeps snow over most of E TN through Monday Morning!
  16. An example of the precip shield extending further north of modeling may currently be seen on radar. It looks like the north side of Chattanooga and the county east of it may be experiencing some snow based on radar. Of course it may just be virga. At any rate, I don’t see the precip field that expansive on any computer model.
  17. Getting a nice snow shower with nickel to quarter sized flakes now. Looks like I have between a quarter to 1/2in on the picnic table. Seems like this little shortwave got its act together nicely!
  18. Had a light dusting on rooftops, cars, and grass overnight. Russellville, Only 2 miles away probably had 1/4in on cars and rooftops. The west side of town really had nothing. Amazing even around here at the differences between east and west Hamblen Co. Otherwise flurries were around during the day, but the big story was the temp. It stayed below freezing all day. Topped out at 30 degrees today.
  19. We received the first little snow flurry of the year from this system about an hour and a half ago. Was enough to coat the picnic table a little and the wind was sure howling with it. A huge score for a pre-Thanksgiving system for sure
  20. Bottomed out at 30 here overnight. I looked at my blueberries in full bloom, and while they didn’t look happy, I don’t think they’ll be hurt too much. At least I hope. I’m glad I didn’t have any tomatoes planted yet.
  21. It flurried off and on all day here until around 3:30 when the snow really picked up and lasted till about 5:30. Even got a nice heavy dusting that is now melting off. The temp fell to 32 with the snow and still holding there.