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  1. Remember that one so well. One of my favorite snow storms!
  2. Would be pretty rare imo if that actually happened like that. Seems like it would end up making a powerhouse of a storm. I can’t see anything but the free maps though, so I don’t know.
  3. Clouds are really keeping a lid on the temps. MRX mentioned in the AFD that sky cover would be more pessimistic today. However they weren’t going to adjust the high temps?? Looks like we’ll be doing good to gain 3-4 more degrees if the clouds do hold on. If not, then maybe. Meanwhile, look at the 12Z Euro dropping that low almost down to the Yucatán??!!! How in the world!! I’ve never seen that. I just can’t imagine that will verify. We are talking about the once “mighty” king here though. It’s struggling this year.
  4. Now in Jefferson City and it's just coming down here. Big fat flakes and sticking to everything. It seems that if you get under one of these streamers, you are golden for about 5-10 min. Enough to whiten things up with these cold temps. Too bad there's not more moisture to work with.
  5. Hmmm west side of Hamblen Co and north Jefferson got under a streamer this AM. There is a heavy dusting on everything, even roads. Meanwhile at the house in East Hamblen....Nada haha
  6. I've noticed that too. Generally, the GFS, and the Euro to some extent, have been too warm here recently. Looks like my high will top out at 19 today.
  7. Currently 17 degrees at 1PM without any snow cover on the ground. That's impressive any year really. It's not often that we can maintain these low temps without it. MRX mentioned in the AFD that even Knoxville and points North could make a run at 0 tonight if winds decouple and clouds decrease.
  8. Getting a little more steady light snow here now. Temp still 23.
  9. Noticing the same thing here, just very small tiny flakes, more like grains than anything on the picnic table. Temp at the house is 23 currently.
  10. Getting a nice snow flurry here right now. Some nice nickel sized flakes. It's not sticking of course, but I can only remember maybe 1 or 2 other times it snowed of any kind on Christmas Eve, so this will definitely go down as a win in my book! Merry Christmas everyone.
  11. Flurries here again too. A surprise to me. I figured it wouldn't pan out here.
  12. Picked up about 3/4 in of new snow overnight. Total between yesterday and last night was right around 1in. Yes, I was one of those who also succumbed to the HRRR. It sure looked great, but when it wasn't verifying around 7-9 PM last night, I began to even doubt any of it would verify. Woke up pleasantly surprised. Still, it's early in the winter season for sure. I'll consider an inch this time of year a win. Maybe we'll all have a big storm roll through later this month or next month.
  13. I was just about to say that the HRRR just continues to put out amazing snow totals on that second impulse overnight.
  14. Nice dusting outside. Snow still falling straight down. I'd say we're getting close to 1/4in right now on the grass. Definitely the tree limbs, as it's not falling off with no wind to speak of.
  15. My parents live in Trussville, just NE of Bham. They have between 3-4 in there. Amazing for them, let alone so early in the year.
  16. Steady snow here east of Morristown right now. Temp was 33 now dropped back to 32. Beautiful falling straight down with no wind to speak of.
  17. I'll say this, normally if we woke up to see the radar the way it currently looks back to the SW, in N MS, we'd be smiling from ear to ear, so the HRRR and GFS may be on to something. Time will tell.
  18. Have some snow flurries outside right now! Very small fine flakes, but hey, I'll take it. I wake up to see the GFS is now the western outlier, followed by the HRRR. The NAM/Euro aren't as enthusiastic. Almost seems like the GFS has overcorrected. GFS indicates that for the eastern valley, this evening into tonight is the time to look for any snow. Still, it seems way too aggressive. Maybe not, but I've seen it do this kind of stuff before. We will have to watch the radar today and see where the banding sets up. It's almost like it wants to develop a deformation band, and puts the eastern valley on the western side of it.
  19. Wow, how's that for a last minute shift NW. Now even the GFS is looking earily similar to the HRRR with some snow showing up in eastern sections of the valley.
  20. Just had a brief light snow flurry here at the house. Mostly granular in form, but some regular size flakes. I must say this is the earliest I can ever remember seeing frozen precip. Even if it's just in the air.
  21. Bottomed out at 31 this morning with no frost advisory or freeze warning haha. A decent amount of frost too.
  22. We finally had a very nice rainfall last night, today, and this evening. 1.33in so far at the house. I know a lot of people have fared well this summer in the rainfall department, but today's rain was the heaviest we've had since May here. Places to the north, south, east, and west would be getting good rainfall this summer, while we'd get the crumbs. I had less than 2in of rain the entire month of July, and most of that was early on in the month. After July 4th, it had just been hot and dry here. Maybe we are turning the corner in the rainfall department now too.
  23. No doubt it was some nice rainfall. We needed it for sure!
  24. Yeah, I noticed that earlier Jaycee. Posted it in the Obs thread. At the time, it was actually 41 in Morristown and 60 in Knoxville. Meanwhile, it was 39 at the house with heavy rain and 39 at TRI with heavy rain. I assume it had to do with the dewpoints being in the lower to mid 30s at the time, and the heavy precip falling was causing evaporative cooling. Kinda rare to see such a huge gradient though across the area. Interesting observation no doubt!
  25. Huge temperature gradient between Morristown and Knoxville right now with the heavy rain. Currently Morristown is 41 and Knoxville is 60 degrees!!! It's actually 39 at my house About 8 miles NE of town. I'm sure it has to do with the heavy rain, but man, it's rare to see such a wide gradient over that small of an area!