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  1. Made it down to 3 this AM with ice crystals floating in the air this morning. Sure is cool to see it!
  2. I think it has something to do with the low moisture content, but yeah. Same here.
  3. I think it’s -5 or lower, but yeah, I wondered the same thing during the last cold outbreak a couple weeks ago. Several times we were meeting those numbers, yet no advisory.
  4. 10 degrees and snowing pretty good here at the house this AM. I’d say we’re about moderate to heavy intensity. This sure is a strange system. I’m actually getting close to 2in for a total now!
  5. Have close to an inch on the grass now. Roads are getting white too finally. Light snow, 22 degrees.
  6. 23 now with light snow. Probably about 1/2in so far things definitely whitening up.
  7. Ground beginning to get white now. Temp down to 30 with moderate snow.
  8. Temp is down to 32 now. Light to moderate snow continues. No accumulation yet though.
  9. Light to borderline fine flakes moderate snow now. Finally lol.
  10. Just seeing a few flakes begin to fly here.
  11. I noticed that the band seemed to be widening some across N MS and W TN, but in SE AR it was fading some. May just be normal ebb and flow, but it does seem to look pretty good right now.
  12. When was the last time that the entire states of TN, AL, MS, and LA were under winter weather advisories and or Storm warnings simultaneously? I don’t know. I can’t remember anytime. And most of AR, KY, part of GA, NC, and SC, VA, and even FL are as well. Regardless of how much falls in any one given area, this is about as large of an area of the south that I can remember seeing covered. Image below is from Pivotal Weather
  13. Looks like MRX is gonna bust on high temps again today, esp. Central-North. It’s 25 here in Morristown, 28 in Knoxville, 26 at TRI. This after saying in the morning update that temps were on target to reach the low to mid 30s today in most valley locations??? That didn’t look possible then, much less now. Been a lot of forecast days this winter that have been lower, or even well lower than forecast. I don’t know what happened to my font size lol
  14. Nice, I like the EPS. I believe that’s the best it’s looked so far.
  15. I sure hope the NAM and Euro are on to something. It is a little concerning the the Euro at 12Z was a tad drier than previously. On another note, I don’t even know why I bother with the GFS as bad as it is this year.
  16. They must have seen the 18Z GFS. It looks terrible if you like snow.
  17. Thanks Stove, sure hope so buddy! Did you get a decent coating down there?
  18. Bigger flakes now. It’s coming down quite nice. Really is pretty.
  19. I have been watching that too this AM. Not very often that you can actually see the front on the radar!
  20. Warmed up overnight to 33 last night around 9 PM. Currently 35 degrees. Still managed to spend the equivalent of 9 days and about 2 hrs, at or below freezing. Was literally freezing since last year! Haha. An incredible stretch of cold weather in any given year, even the coldest ones.
  21. Haha no. I hit 32 yesterday. I was beginning to think my thermometer was bad, but I see MRX was also 32 as well, so I guess I’m accurate. Wednesday MRX hit 32 and I was 31. Today, I was carefully observing the obs each hour to see if they would go above freezing and as best as I can tell they hit 32 and they are still there. I hit 31 earlier but back to 30 right now. I did loose the ZR though even though I was just slightly below to right around freezing. Just had plain rain after about 1PM, with one final hurrah of ZR around 3 or so. Actually the sun peaked out at 5PM and my wife said she saw a rainbow on the way home.
  22. Speaking of that, I still have not gone above freezing yet!! Sitter no at 30 right now. In about an hour and a half, it will be the equivalent of 9 days! Currently 214 1/2hrs at or below freezing.
  23. Staying mostly sleet here. Thing’s beginning to whiten up a little bit. Temp is 28 though.