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  1. One heck of a flood event going on in central va this morning. I'm expecting nothing here but clouds and more dryness.
  2. Yup. I need to stop telling people it's going to rain. I look like a moron to everyone that knows me lol
  3. Another hot dry day on tap. Come on October.
  4. I'm surprised how fast it got bone dry here. It looks like it hasn't rained all summer. The trees are dropping leaves like crazy and the grass is torched even in shaded areas. Doesn't look like any releaf today.
  5. Looks like early October here with all the leaves coming down. The hot dry weather must be stressing the trees. The grass is toast as well.
  6. I didn't get enough rain to wet the driveway under a tree. Storms were NW and rain shield missed to SE. This is good practice for winter. It's about to get pretty crispy around here in a week.
  7. About to get really dry in my area. Had a few sprinkles from this "heavy rain event" and a rain free 10 day forecast.
  8. Woke up to nothing in the rain gauge. Going to be pretty dry around here with no rain in the foreseeable future.
  9. Terrible out there. Went out to take my "medicine" and a short walk. Broke out in a light sweat in 10 minutes. It sounds and feels like a jungle.
  10. I was working over near Federalsburg and it felt hotter over there. It's more of a steam bath here in the woods of AA county.
  11. Just spiked to 98. Those of you saying it's not bad out must work in climate controlled metal boxes. It's horrendous out there.
  12. Same thing mine says. Models are bone dry.
  13. My point and click forecast calls for rain and storms later today. Models are like "what rain". I guess I'll be dragging the garden hose around this evening.
  14. Deep summer out there. Thick hot air, forest alive with noisy insects and the low rumble of distant thunder.
  15. Short term models have a nice batch of rain and storm coming through the area this evening. The wet conditions continue.
  16. That wall of water rolling through DC is impressive on radar. That should cause some flooding and traffic nightmares.
  17. Some fun stuff going on above my house at the moment. I'm right where the rain is streaming north into the main blob. It looks like an area of enhanced lift developing. The radar is starting to blossom.
  18. Hrrr is definitely looking better for late tonight. I just applied some calcium rich top dressing on my tomato, cucumber, zucchini and squash plants. I hope this soaker takes shape. My veggies will love it.
  19. Looks like another day of winners and losers.
  20. I hope this fatty dropping through central MD doesn't weaken from the rain cooled air left behind from the first storms that missed me.
  21. HRRR has some more activity moving through later today and tonight. You still have a couple days left for solid rain chances.
  22. It sat 5 miles west of me. I stood and watched the impressive fireworks it produced. The rain totals will be impressive. I hear my local fire department in the distance headed out. I'm willing to bet there's water rescues going on.
  23. I agree. Just stepped out for a late 420 session and broke a sweat just sitting there for 5 minutes. This is the only extreme type weather I don't like. Give me a high temp of 7 and a 50mph wind and I'm good.
  24. I have standing water from the nearly 3" of rain I had yesterday. I'll be staying out of the drought thread for a while.