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New England Met Winter 2022-2023 Banter


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19 minutes ago, tunafish said:

I wonder how that corridor between 91, 89, and 2 to the north does w/r/t getting shadowed on easterly flow by the whites, and NW flow by the greens.  

They avoid getting shadowed for the most part. It’s a good snow area away from the CT River. The elevation is decent for the most part. As you get to St. J and Lyndon it starts getting worse. Danville, Peacham, Groton are all good snow areas. And the higher elevations in most towns too. 

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1 minute ago, Whineminster said:

I know the CT River valley and then east on NH 25 is absolutely horrible for snow.  They usually have less than me.  1,600 ft is pretty high up though..... I'm sure it holds on to pack pretty decent. 

Yeah, like I said in my post, the further east you go, the worse for snow. That location, especially given the elevation will be good. Further east on VT 25 towards Bradford gets sketchier. 

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13 hours ago, amarshall said:

As for a weather related property. How would this place fare for snow.  1200 ft elevation

On a zoom daydreaming about rural farms. 




You could probably talk them down to an even 1.6.  :lol:
That's about 10 miles SW from where my parents retired to Woodsville, NH, and had plenty of snow there 1981-93 at 620' elev, 220' higher than the river, especially in that first winter.  (Of course, that was compared to the hills of NNJ where snow averaged about 40"/year.)

Loons are back.

Hundreds to thousands of Canada geese picking thru the cornfield stubble along Route 2 in Farmington for the past week.

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