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2021 Monsoon part 2 on it's way today and thru the week.  I am cautiously optimistic that we won't have the insane repeat of last years conditions.  The two "long duration" fires, Muddy Creek and Morgan Creek, are not rapidly growing.  Still a lot of fire season to go, but at least we are getting decent monsoons this year.

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A tragic day of flooding yesterday on Hwy 14 along the Poudre River, in the Cameron Peak burn scar.  This from the Larimer County Sherriff's Facebook page:


I just returned from the Poudre Canyon flood incident that originated around Black Hollow Road, just west of Rustic earlier tonight.

A resident from Black Hollow Road described a fairly typical rain coming down just prior to the flooding, which came down Black Hollow Creek. He said that the washing of soil and trees came as a complete surprise. We don’t have a definitive count, but it appears several structures along Black Hollow Road were damaged or destroyed. We do know that some residents did get out from that neighborhood safely.
We are working from reports of three unaccounted for persons from that area. We have located one deceased victim in the area, but were unable to recover the body tonight. Those operations will be resume tomorrow morning. We also believe there may be two more people still missing from today’s flooding.
A short distance west of Black Hollow Road, a significant amount of debris washed across Hwy 14, blocking the road. CDOT is working to remove that debris.
I personally witnessed significant debris and damage in the area, caused by downed trees, damaged and destroyed homes and mudflow in the area.
During this event, we evacuated the canyon- not knowing how this debris might impact persons and property downstream. Mandatory evacuations were lifted later in the evening. However, forecasts for Wednesday include the possibility for similar weather in coming days. The risk of debris flow damage remains and we caution any resident or visitors the canyon to remain vigilant.
Our deepest sympathy goes out to the yet unidentified victim of this flooding and their family along with any other potential victims yet to be located.
We cannot speak to the status of Hwy 14 as it falls under the authority of CDOT. However, we expect some level of travel restrictions as we resume recovery operations tomorrow.
I want to thank all of the wonderful residents and visitors of the Poudre Canyon for their cooperation. I also want to thank all of the responders who have been and continue to be integral in our response to this tragic event. Those responders are absolutely amazing people!!!
Our office will report more information as the details become more readily available.
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