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  1. Mountain West Discussion

    I just got back from a trip to San Jose this week, and the mountains are the greenest that I can recall in a long, long time. And it was raining much of the time I was there. Good for them.
  2. Mountain West Discussion

    Ha, I think UMBC-Virgina pretty much already wiped out everyone's bracket!
  3. Mountain West Discussion

    So happy, I got my thundersnow! Cracks of thunder and graupel the size of Dipping Dots pouring out of the sky.
  4. Mountain West Discussion

    An odd thing happened yesterday morning. Temp was below zero, and I was driving my Jeep up Larimer County Road 43 with some steep switchbacks and a 400' fast elevation change. When I got to the top, my back window shattered into a thousand pieces. Someone suggested that it could be a result of the combination of temp and pressure change...does that sound like a viable theory?
  5. Mountain West Discussion

    4" up here. Woke up to a frosty -7F.
  6. Mountain West Discussion

    Oh, please make this little nugget true in this morning's AFD update. I haven't seen thunder snow since my days in the midwest. Next thing will look at will be potential for thunder in the high country later today. A very convective look on satellite and webcams, with around 200 J/kg of forecasted CAPE pushing in from Western Colorado.
  7. Mountain West Discussion

    The northern mountains have done well. It has been kinda weird up here. We would kill for a good dumping in the Estes Valley, but just a short drive up to 9000'+ it has been a pretty decent year. Colorado SNOTEL Snow/Precipitation Update Report Based on Mountain Data from NRCS SNOTEL Sites **Provisional data, subject to revision** Data based on the first reading of the day (typically 00:00) for Thursday, February 15, 2018 Basin Site Name Elev (ft) Snow Water Equivalent Water Year-to-Date Precipitation Current (in) Median (in) Pct of Median Current (in) Average (in) Pct of Average LARAMIE AND NORTH PLATTE RIVER BASINS Arapaho Ridge 10960 14.5 14.6R 99 14.5 16.0R 91 Columbine 9160 15.4 17.1 90 17.5 18.4 95 Deadman Hill 10220 14.4 11.3 127 13.9 11.4 122 Joe Wright 10120 12.2 14.4 85 20.6 17.9 115 Never Summer 10280 13.2 13.9R 95 10.8 N/A * Rabbit Ears 9400 11.3 16.8 67 17.0 21.4 79 Rawah 9020 8.1 7.3R 111 11.4 9.8R 116 Roach 9700 10.3 11.3 91 13.0 13.2 98 Tower 10500 23.7 32.0 74 22.9 28.6 80 Whiskey Park 8950 15.8 18.8 84 18.1 20.3 89 Willow Creek Pass 9540 9.9 8.4 118 10.6 9.3 114 Zirkel 9340 18.5 20.6R 90 23.1 21.3R 108 Basin Index (%) 90 97
  8. Mountain West Discussion

    We have dropped from 51 degrees to 24 degrees in a half hour, and went from beautiful blue skies to ~300' visibility in fog. I captured this photo of the fog quickly rolling up the canyon.
  9. Mountain West Discussion

    Up here we have had only about 3". It is very heavy, and again I think ratios were very low.
  10. Mountain West Discussion

    It looks like they are counting on 20:1 ratios. That's pretty high, especially with winds of 40 mph, so I would guess that the potential risk for downside on these totals is significant.
  11. Mountain West Discussion

    This trough looks interesting. The Cascades look to get crushed.
  12. Mountain West Discussion

    It has been raining most of the afternoon up here at 7300'
  13. Mountain West Discussion

    Yeah just drove thru Glen Haven where it was 9 degrees, but 8 miles later in Estes Park and 400 feet gain in elevation...35 degrees.
  14. Mountain West Discussion

    I only picked up 2.5" here, bringing my snowpack up to...well...2.5". Happy to have it though!
  15. Mountain West Discussion

    I used to fly out of O'Hare weekly and it used to be famous for delays. A few years ago they opened a new runway and it now takes a lot for there to be delays. Of course, I assume you are more worried about an on time DEN departure...