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  1. I picked up about 7" overnight up here.
  2. We picked up an inch of nice mood flakes, which are starting to taper off now. Off to Vegas for a fun long weekend in the desert.
  3. Obviously a long ways out, but the GFS is sniffing around a broad cold air intrusion for the 26th and 27th.
  4. We only received 7 inches up here, and the roads stayed relatively clear. I was down in FoCo much of today for meetings and it seemed to melt as fast as it was coming down, which is great news for the trees given the apparent high water content. Edit: I checked my weather station rain gauge and it shows .99 inches, which would be 7:1 and is very close to Chinook's estimates. This puts me at 18.05 inches for the year and a realistic shot of closing over 20, which would be in excess of 20% over what limited climatological data I can find.
  5. Currently it is 60 degrees at my home, and we just had a 5 minute snow shower. WTH? I guess the warm air is very shallow at this elevation...
  6. I say bring it on for Winter. In fact, isn't it just about time to start up the winter thread?
  7. I hiked up to Ouzel Lake in the Wild Basin part of RMNP today. Heavy snow with thunder rolled in around 2pm. I was ready for the snow, in fact that is why I went. But the lightning sent me back down Edit: Just saw that I am under a WWA for up to 8". That was a pleasant surprise.
  8. The peaks of RMNP got a nice coating over the weekend, and my P&C is showing rain/snow mix for Monday. Impressively, the GFS had this upcoming weekend's change nailed from quite long range.
  9. Yeah, a definite fall feel to the air today.
  10. Crested Butte, I believe, got coated earlier this week. Longs Peak had a nice dusting during a storm in early August.
  11. According to the long range GFS, it looks like there is potential for a more significant cold air intrusion during the last week of Sept. Not too crazy for end of Sept, but likely a pattern shift.
  12. The coc really shows up on the last frames. http://weather.cod.edu/satrad/?type=SE_Texas-vis-1-24&checked=&prodDim=100&overDim=100
  13. I can only imagine how chaotic and dangerous the roads would have been had mass evac orders been issued. I was in Wyoming for the eclipse and asshats were doing all sorts of very crazy and dangerous driving in the gridlock that followed, even though there was no natural disaster pushing them. People died on the road because of it, I personally witnessed the aftermath of a fatal accident caused by a jerk driving in the wrong lane to bypass the gridlock. Multiply the eclipse road chaos by 100x for S.E. Texas.
  14. Back to the present...the radar is really starting to fill in across east Texas as the center moves over open water. Unfortunately, this is going to get a lot worse.
  15. Awesome Chinook. You guys have seemed to miss out on many of the rains this year so great to see those storm totals.