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  1. Just a casual observer to the Tropical threads, but I have noted a sharp decrease in activity from ldub.
  2. You should have gone to bed early last Monday, unfortunately. I bet you are looking forward to LE snow season though. I lived in Chardon for 8 years and I miss the insane dumps.
  3. What, no view like this in Ohio? Wondering where this webcam is located though....perhaps somewhere in Wild Basin. It's a great perspective view.
  4. Well, bummer! On the bright side - you may actually see snow in Ohio
  5. It has been the second weird summer monsoon in a row....where up here we are hoping for only light rain, showers or storms have been coming several times a week, and the grasses are still green. While elsewhere outside of certain spots in the foothills could use as much rain as possible. The exact same thing happened last year.
  6. Yes, thankfully. Up here we had a nice hour or two of light showers which had no impact on the burn scars.
  7. I just logged .57” in 17 minutes. It was insane. I even had a mini landslide on my driveway.
  8. The atmosphere is remarkably juicy this morning. My dewpoint is at 56 which is an oddity at this elevation. Today definitely has potential to be bad for those near or downstream from the burn scars.
  9. It turns out that yesterday was indeed too much rain for the burn scars, especially the CP scar. Two people lost their lives in the Buckhorn area. In my neighborhood those along the Miller Fork were flooded.
  10. So far, it has been a successful monsoon season in Central Larimer county. Today may be a bit too terrific for the burn scars, but we'll see...
  11. Finally some sensible weather today. Sitting at 74 currently, while Saturday never achieved more than low 60s and I don’t believe it got out of the 50s on Sunday.the moisture has been very welcome though.
  12. Radar estimates from NWS were 0.6" on the cell between GH and Poudre. This was over a drainage that was completely burned in CP, and last summer this amount of precip would have caused signicant flash flooding in my neighborhood. No impact at all from Friday's deluge, which is very good to see. Perhaps last year's aerial seeding is proving to be of benefit for the Poudre and GH/Drake areas where they got hammered with FF's during monsoon last summer...and especially on the Poudre where there was loss of life from a burn scar runoff event.
  13. Wow, what an awesome lightning show last night. It started around sunset with intense lightning visible from up here down around Loveland, and then a cell popped between Glen Haven and the Poudre Canyon that lit up the sky at least until midnight when I finally fell asleep. I haven't had that much fun storm watching in a long time.
  14. Is that Cameron Pass? All of the smoke, including smell, from Arizona yesterday had many up here on edge. It was nothing of course, but indeed a good reminder to those up in the mountains that summer is here and to be careful.
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