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  1. COLD for Thursday night up here. Forecast shows 13 degrees.
  2. Yeah, but you are now in Colorado. Seems like a more than fine trade Welcome!
  3. Take a look at the Western US water vapor loop and it will make more sense. It is very common for the midwest. For the monsoon, we actually did well up here over the past 3 weeks. There were a few rounds of storms and some soaking rains, including what I call "the annual rain that washes my driveway away". It was a hit or miss apparently.
  4. I took this shot last night at 9:30pm from my deck looking east down to Loveland. This is the storm that fired along the outflow, and it was continuous lightning. The bonus was the nearly full moon peeking around the storm.
  5. Mystery solved, the below photo is from NWS Boulder Twitter feed and taken from Grand Lake. It appears that it did not touch down, and the NWS is calling it a likely cold air funnel.
  6. Looking at historical radar, it looks like there was a cell over Grand Lake at this time which seems to be the direction from the photo.
  7. This was posted in the local facebook group for Estes Park and was taken yesterday 7/24 at 12:10pm in RMNP. Cold air funnel? Just as crazy...this reportedly was photographed from the ledges on the Long's Peak Keyhole route, which is a very dangerous place to be in the afternoon with thunderstorms around.
  8. Thanks! I am close to Glen Haven which is NE of the town, along CR43. The red there aligns pretty closely with my location. We have been in the sweet spot for good rains over the past few days. The grass is getting a bit high on my mountain side, and the wildflowers are really popping too. It is awesome to see it so green at this point in the summer, and no fire bans yet! BTW - I was not home for the rain event on Saturday, having just missed it by an hour and a half. I was returning home from a day on the west slope, and had a white knuckle experience at sunset driving over Trail Ridge Road which was firmly in the cloud deck. Visibility up there was less than 100', which isn't much fun on that particular road.
  9. I picked up just a tad shy of 2" of rain on Saturday evening, north of Estes Park. Much the same today, with .5" thus far and booming thunder. I had to drain some water from my pool, which is quite unusual. This week looks to be wet as well.
  10. Yesterday evening up here we had a great view of the anvil and mammatus clouds from the cells on the plains.
  11. The view from Estes of yesterday's lenticular clouds.
  12. Wow that is crazy northeast of Taos. 1133%...
  13. Pleasantly surprised at this point. Around 3 inches so far, which is what I had expected in total by Saturday.
  14. Then that wouldn't work for you as RMNP is quite a drive from COS. It's all about the upslope, so keep your eye on never know.
  15. It looks fairly meh at this point. Maybe the best bet would be to head up to RMNP on Friday. That might be your best shot.