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  1. Sorry to hear that! I am up to 18" now. Hoping to get to 20" before all is done. Then Spring
  2. It is hard to get an accurate measurement with plenty of drifting, but I think around 12-13" overnight here. Not bad considering I went to bed last night with less than 1" on the ground. Now...bring on spring!
  3. It has indeed been a pretty good year up in the foothills. Frankly, after this next storm I am hopeful that we are done.
  4. I actually saw a mosquito up here on my deck last night. That is super rare any time of the year.
  5. Up here in Estes there is a local campaign to buy gift certificates now from local restaurants.
  6. Thankfully some weather to absorb ourselves in rather than the lack of TP...
  7. Polarbear - you need to be in the mountains to hit all of these temp/snowfall criteria. Given the time constraints you listed, Evergreen/Conifer area may be best. For the snowfall you are looking for, maybe Bailey?
  8. Funny, I was just thinking this same thing yesterday. This has been a good series of almost daily modest snows and reminds me of my years in Chardon, OH where February was consistently like this once Erie mostly froze over and the really big dumps cut off. Big dumps are fun every once in a while, but I'll take a long series of manageable snows any day.
  9. This looks nice for the foothills. And of course, I will be in LA all week
  10. Well, the great thing about the northern front range is that regardless of the weather down below you can always drive up to RMNP and visit a ton of snow.
  11. Define area a bit more. Mountains may see some on Christmas eve and day, plains looks pretty dry.
  12. We picked up about 4" on Saturday, which is 4" more than I expected.
  13. From a Larimer County Emergency Services text today with county snow totals: S: Winter Weather Update 11/26/2019 11:07am Winter Storm Update 11/26/2019 11am - Latest radar shows that the current storm system should be moving out of Larimer County in the next hour or so. Road crews are working to catch up in all cities and the county. Big snow in western parts of Larimer with Red Feather and Stove Prairie winning the award with 32" of snow.