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Off-Topic: Aug 25th 8am House-Rattling

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Just wondering if my Columbia, Md. and vicinity brethren were startled around 8am Sunday, Aug 25th by a house-rattling explosion.  It shook our house considerably and then it was over.  Could've been anything from a transformer .... to an earthquake (just about the only house-rattling sounds I've experienced) to something crashing into the ground in the area.

I went outside right after it happened and I saw some neighbors way up the street also outside, so it must've been heard in a fairly wide area, at least around east part of Columbia.

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35 minutes ago, NorthArlington101 said:

One more: 


Looking at the damage it is a good thing this was early in the morning before employees within those businesses started showing up for work and/or customers started shopping. Otherwise we would probably be looking at quite a few injuries if not fatalities.

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