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  1. Spring’s like this one is why I won’t be in Michigan from mid March to May 1st after I retire. I’ve never been a fan of Spring which is basically a continuation of the same crap weather we’ve had since late October with highs within 10 degrees either side of 40 with a chilly wind most of the time this year. To each their own but Spring sucks. I like 4 distinct seasons and unfortunately this past Fall has continued for 7 months now with no real winter weather or spring weather outside a few days here or there.
  2. I agree Stebo, it’s still early in the season even though I have cut my grass already and will be again today but realistically I could have probably waited a week or two. I would really have liked to be able to go up to our cabin this weekend, only the second time in the past 16 years we’re not spending Easter weekend up there, we have a bunch of yard work that needs to be done up there but it can wait. I’ll gladly continue to hunker down for a few more weeks if it means we’ll recover sooner from this and allow everyone to get back to their normal lives quicker.
  3. Rode up to Lakes of the North Saturday, took all gas lines, 2 tracks and seasonal roads to get there, snow was good. Way back we ran the groomed trail down to starvation lake, then ran 2 tracks and seasonal roads back down from there. Best snow we found seemed to be from about M72 north to C38, in that area in the untouched spots it was probably 24”-30” but in about a 3 to 5 mile wide band just south of starvation lake we found snow crazy deep spots. Probably 36”+ , the north side of hills in the shade that were untouched we found a spot that was up to the middle of my chest and I’m a hair over 6’ tall with my boots on! The reason I know how deep it was is because I was stuck trying to out high mark my son who was already stuck. Great way to end the season.
  4. Nice, we’ll be up in your area tomorrow, gonna ride up to some friends of ours place in Lakes of the North, let it snow!
  5. Wow, impressive lake effect for late February, ice free lakes will do that I guess
  6. I’m actually visiting my dad right now, he lives in Washington Twp just south of Stoney Creek Metro park in Macomb county, maybe with all the strong winds a few of the inches blew into lake st Clair, lol. Honestly, I just asked my dad “how much snow do you think you got here from this storm” his exact words were “they said we got 6 inches but we only got 3” . Now he doesn’t go out and measure every 4 hours or anything like that but he has lived in MI for over 70 years and knows what a 1/2 foot of snow on the ground looks like which this storm did not produce here. I saw reports of 5” to the south and west of here so “maybe” they got 5” here but that’s pushing it, I’m still sticking with my 4”ish report.
  7. I’m not normally one to complain but it really bothers me when people exaggerate their snow fall totals especially in my area. I just saw a snowfall report of 6.8” in Macomb county. I’m calling that BS. I drive through almost the entire county from north to south twice a day and there’s no way they got that much from this storm. I would say they got 4” probably. Why do people have to treat their area like a sports team and they win or lose by whoever gets the most snow? Just tell the truth like snow freak does, no need to exaggerate, nobody’s going to win a prize for the snowiest area. Sorry, been wanting to get that off my chest for awhile now.
  8. North west lower looks to be picking up some decent snow the next two days, maybe over a foot in places, I know where we’ll be riding this weekend!
  9. Thanks for the feedback guys, we went and looked at the property Friday, it's not something were interested in after seeing it. I think some of the hillbillies that you mentioned live on the road this property was on, pretty rough looking area. Junk cars in in yards, piles of scrap metal and old tires, its a shame because the view and area was really nice. The lower elevation was really noticeable compared to up the hill near 131, about 1/2 the snow cover as up the hill.
  10. Hey bo/Josh, we’re looking at some land, 15 acres, over near your old stomping ground bo, East Jordan. It’s actually just off M66 about 1/2 way between East Jordan and 131. Just wondering what you’re thoughts are of that area. Looks like they average a little over 100” of snow and it’s close to some really good mountain bike trails and some great inland lakes. Any thoughts you could pass along would be appreciated, thanks
  11. Man did I ever crap the bed with some of these predictions. I promise guys no more long range predictions from me, I'll leave them for the professionals. I couldn't have been more wrong about the "snow around the holidays" statement and was definitely wrong about the whole "average temps" stuff. Depending how the next 2 months go up north I "might" be close to having a ok forecast for up there. They would have to really start getting some decent snow storms to close out the winter season though which can definitely happen up there but who knows.
  12. Snowing hard here in the southern thumb in the Mitt, northern St Clair county, have between 5”-6” on the ground now. Actually looks like a mid winter morning out there for a change. Going to have to plow the driveway for only the 3rd time all winter, once in Nov, once in Jan and now today. We have to run into town tonight, Port Huron, there should be more snow over that way if this wind direction keeps up for a while.
  13. Alpena has really been in a snow drought the past 10 years or so. My aunt and uncle used to live on Long Lake just just north of town, we would go there snowmobiling back in the early and mid 90’s before we had our own cabin. I remember back in the winter of 95/96 going up there and the big round bails of hay, the 5’+ tall ones, were almost completely covered out in the farm fields where we would ride, just incredible deep snow for anywhere in MI let alone north east Lower MI. North of Alpena around the Roger City area does get quite a bit of lake effect snow off of Huron though.
  14. I feel the “Met” seasons fit for the most part at least in south east MI. To me March-May are Spring ish months, can you get winter and summer weather during that time frame, absolutely. Just like we can get Fall and Spring type weather in the “Met” winter months of December-February. In northern MI, March is definitely a winter month, no question but down here it fits in the Spring category I feel. For what it’s worth my deepest snow depths up at our cabin have almost always been the first week of March since we’ve had a place up there the past 18 years.
  15. You should have decent snow up in Munising when you’re up there. My bro n law just got back from snowmobiling up there all weekend and said there’s pretty good snow but they could definitely use more. On our way home from our place up at Higgins yesterday there’s good snow till you get just south of west Branch, then it’s like a switch and someone turned off the snow. We have about 14” of really heavy snow at our place right now. It’s crazy that 175 miles north and 400 feet of elevation can look so different then around home, it’s like a totally different world with deep snow, people out ice fishing compared to home with extremely green grass for this time of year and no ice on any lakes to be found. It kinda reminds me of out west in the mountains when you can have warm weather and bare ground down in towns and valleys at lower elevations and deep snow just a hour or less just up the mountain.