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    2018 - 2019 Outdoor sports forum

    We rode about 40 miles yesterday evening, just out to dinner to Grayling and back and hit some two tracks on the way back. They groomed Friday night so the trail we rode was really nice except that stretch right along the freeway going into town. About 6” of heavy snow up there but you don’t have to go very far south to start seeing grass. Houghton lake south is more grass then snow.
  2. slow poke

    2018 - 2019 Outdoor sports forum

    Starting to look like northern lower and the UP will be in good shape for outdoor winter sports activity after this storm hits tomorrow night with 2-4” of heavy wet snow in northern lower and 4-8” in the UP. It’s probably going to rain some in northern lower Monday for a while but with the snow on the ground now and what additional they get on top of it with this storm it should make a great base because of the high moisture content in it. System snow makes the best snowmobile trails base. After this storm some off and on lake effect snow should only help to get the trails and slopes in good shape moving forward into mid January and beyond. We’ll see how all this shakes out over the next few days but I feel it should be good for outdoor winter activity’s finally. South in mid Michigan and down I’m thinking it might be awhile before we see any decent cold or snow that sticks around. Wonder what the least amount of snow Detroit has ever had for December and January combined is because this past December and now January would have to rival it I would think. One good thing about hitting rock bottom is you can only go up from there so next December couldn’t be any worse could it?
  3. slow poke

    2018 - 2019 Outdoor sports forum

    They are both 3 seaters, the Seadoo is a 05 with about 100 hrs on it, the Yamaha is a 09 with about 70 hrs on it. I'm going to ask $3,500 for the 05 and $5,500 for the 09 and $600 for the trailer. The 09 is supercharged and will go 70 mph on a gps, the 05 is not and will go around 55 mph.
  4. slow poke

    2018 - 2019 Outdoor sports forum

    It's tough for most of the small mom and pop places to make it up there with snow for us down state's to come up and ride on and spend money Dec-Mar. With no snow and people coming up in Dec and especially hell week it's going to be really tough for them.
  5. slow poke

    2018 - 2019 Outdoor sports forum

    I have 2 of them for sale if anyone is interested, haven't used them much the past two summers and need the room in the barn.
  6. slow poke

    2018 - 2019 Outdoor sports forum

    This will be the first time since 1997 that we won’t be up north between Christmas and New Years, in 97 we didn’t go up because of the weather, this year it’s because we’re going to Florida. When we booked the trip back in May I wasn’t really happy because I thought we would be missing out on a week of snowmobiling, now it’s looking like we picked a good year to go down there. A group of us are heading to WY snowmobiling for a week in early Janurary, hopefully the cold and some snow will kick in by the time we get back from out there because it’s not looking to good between now and January. Probably should have kept our razor, at least we could have been out riding some and stayed warm when’s there’s no snow. I did put 25 miles on my TW 200 yesterday though on the back roads around home. Felt like a early spring day.
  7. slow poke

    Winter 2018-19 Medium/Long Range Discussion

    Always enjoy reading your thoughts OH Weather even know a big chunk of it is way over my head and I don't understand it to well but I think I get the point. Looking like no real sustained cold for most of our sub forum for another 3-5 weeks and what systems we do have come through our sub will more then likely be wet and not white except for the far northern and western areas. That's pretty much what Jon Dee is saying also, wet for most with some white stuff possible in the far north and west between now and the new year.
  8. slow poke

    Winter 2018-19 Medium/Long Range Discussion

    Both actually, I always take a ton of pictures during the holidays so I'll have to look back at them to refresh my memory. Last year was awesome, 2016 or 15, can't remember which one was also really good with the snow cover and a ice storm on top of it. Made for post card looking scenery. I do remember that year it rained and was a brown Christmas not to far to the south of us so maybe your area was brown that year. People need to remember that on average we only have a white Christmas about 50% of the time in this part of the country.
  9. slow poke

    Winter 2018-19 Medium/Long Range Discussion

    Last year the weather during Christmas week was awesome in my location. Plowed fresh snow all morning after opening gifts then lake effect kicked in and we got another 4" on top of the 6"+ we already had on the ground. Not sure I can remember a more beautiful Christmas morning weather wise then last year. I'm kinda thinking we've had more white Christmases then not the past 5 years or so at least at my location. I'm kinda thinking we're due for a brown/wet not so pretty one.
  10. slow poke

    2018 - 2019 Outdoor sports forum

    My cousin's place half way between town and the Point got a foot of fresh snow Thursday-Saturday morning on top of the hard crusty snow they had left. Down in town got less then half of that. Snow is pretty good north of town along the lake shore heading toward GM. People have been riding up there since Thanksgiving. It's not great but it's a start.
  11. I totally understand why someone would choose to live in the Keweenaw over areas to the east in the UP for all the reasons you have listed. I've been going to the Keweenaw/western UP area since the early 90's snowmobiling, skiing, dirt biking, side x sides, seadooing, I've seen/explored a ton of that area. Beautiful no doubt. Was just up there for a couple days back in July on our way back from out west. We showed our son MI Tech to see what he thought of the campus. The problem is in the winter with all the snow you guys get and how beautiful it is that you get a lot of snowmobiles out that way from WI,MN,IA, and IL plus whatever down state MI people that want to make the 10 hour drive. It's great for your guys economy during the winter though. The eastern UP north of M28 gets great snow and keeps its plus they have miles of trails without all the sleds like the Keweenaw gets. The off trail riding is great also without all the rocks like the western UP has. I would never live in the UP, I don't need or want to have snow on the ground 6+ months a year, to each their own though and if thats what you like thats a good place to be. I hate the bugs up there when the snow does melt also. When I say having a place up there it would be a 2nd home/cabin, something around 3 or so hours from the area that I plan on retiring to which is north west lower MI. As a cabin I wouldn't care to much about shopping and stuff like that and as far as it being flat in the eastern UP, that's true, no doubt but to me, pretty much everywhere between eastern MT/WY and the Appalachian Mts is flat. The hills in MI are pretty but I don't consider any of them mountains so the difference between the smaller rolling hills in the eastern UP and the bigger rocky hills in the western UP is minimal. Enjoy your winter up there Will, hopefully you'll have a great long and snowy snow season.
  12. Grand Marais is a great area, if I was looking for a area in the UP to have a place it would be at the top of my list also.
  13. My thoughts are if you really want to live somewhere that has true summer weather about 4 months a year and true winter weather about 4 months a year with about 4 months of in between "crap" weather a year live around the 45th Parallel in a snow belt around the great lakes or above 6000' out west. I feel for the winter weather lovers that live south of MI/WI, that area doesn't have deep snow and cold for months on end during the winter. Would be like if I lived in northern MI and wanted to play golf all year round. I hope you guys in IN and OH get some good snow this season, maybe snowfreek will leave his snow magnet off long enough so you guys can cash in on a good storm or two.
  14. slow poke

    November 2018 General Discussion

    To me that map looks pretty darn accurate for south east Michigan and northern lower up by our cabin. Thanks for posting it bo. Is that a free site you get that from? Will be neat to follow it through the season to see how it does. Enjoy your winter wonderland up there, down here it was a great day to get stuff done outside, sunny early, light wind and in the 50’s.
  15. Not sure if it was because Thanksgiving was kinda early this year or all the snow and cold we've had already but it seems like we should be tracking snow storms instead of the rain we're going to get this weekend here in MI. The cold season got a early start but at this point us out door winter enthusiast in lower MI have nothing to show for it. Snowmobile trails open this Sat but there won't be any snow for them to open. I'm not a fan of Nov cold and snow, we almost always seem to pay for it in Dec with the snow we did get melting and rain instead of snow storms. I know it's not even Dec yet and things can change in a hurry so we'll see how the next couple weeks go.
  16. slow poke

    November 15-16 Storm Potential

    We've received our 3rd separate ground/grass covering snowfall of this young month already. I don't remember that ever happening this early in November where there was 3 different decent size snow events this early in the season.
  17. I’m concerned/thinking we’ll snap back to above average temps in December to balance out this cold November. I have absolutely no scientific proof to back up my thoughts other than seeing it happen in the past more times then not. I do recall Fall/winter of 2003-04 starting out kinda like this though in northern Michigan and never really warming up till Spring so who knows, maybe Winter will start early without a big flip back to above average temps. We’ll see in a few months.
  18. slow poke

    November 8-10 Winter Weather/LES

    A hair over 2" so far here and still snowing lightly. Grass is covered and roads are slush/covered also. Kind of surprised, thought this heavier snow would have been a little west of here in the higher terrain above 1000', I'm a little over 800' here. Now I wish I would have put the plow in the 4 wheeler last weekend when I had a chance.
  19. slow poke

    Winter 2018 Discussion

    2008-09 was the last really good winter snow fall wise across all of northern lower MI. It was also the last time we had over 100" in a season at our cabin. Our average is 90", the past 10 seasons we have averaged 70", 20" below normal while at home in southern lower MI we have been close to 20" above.
  20. slow poke

    2017 - 2018 Winter Sports Thread

    Group of us heading up Friday north of Paradise for another weekend of ridding. Lots of snow up that way still and more to come it looks like.
  21. slow poke

    Current Snow Pack and Depths

    About 5-6 inches around my area but you don't have to go that far south from here at all to get to bare ground. Looks like mid winter out there now and probably will for the weekend at least. Really looking forward to some warm dry weather.
  22. slow poke

    Winter 2018-2019 Pre-Discussion

    Two seasons up there in the upper, swatten and shoving!
  23. slow poke

    March 5-7 pos Storm

    About the same up here in northern St Clair county. Been a snowy season around these parts, 9th snow day of the school year for my kids.
  24. slow poke

    2017 - 2018 Winter Sports Thread

    Just got back from a snowmobile back pack trip across the northern UP . In case anyone is looking for snow to play in there is plenty north of M28, 2-3 feet easy. Hard as a rock though for the most part. Getting in and out of towns for gas and food is getting tougher but I would bet the snow will be around up there for the rest of this month into early April. We'll head back up when the snow softens up or they get a good dumping of fresh.