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  1. NTXYankee

    August 20-21 Severe Weather

    They can’t even get today right let alone day 3.
  2. NTXYankee

    July 2019 General Discussion

    Great looking forward to the same old June crap. Leftover rain blobs, no storms, and miserable below normal temperatures.
  3. NTXYankee

    2019 Short/Medium Range Severe Weather Thread

    Yeah and the models had us under torrential rain and storms several days out to only be incorrect and well south this weekend, which I am fine with, though a decent thunderstorm would have been nice. By Friday we’ll probably be under a trough and in the 60’s...
  4. NTXYankee

    Spring/Summer 2019 Complaint/Banter Thread

    A 2012 summer can start at anytime now.
  5. NTXYankee

    June 2019 General Discussion

    Well severe weather season has been in the crapper here in central Ohio, the rest of Ohio has done fairly well, so I’ve given up on that changing. I will gladly take a warm/hot dry summer instead. I need something to forget the long snowy winter and prepare for next season. Maybe 7 years in Texas spoiled me on expectations this far north.
  6. NTXYankee

    June 2019 General Discussion

    This pattern is crap, nothing worse than a cold winter and cold summer.
  7. NTXYankee

    2019 Short/Medium Range Severe Weather Thread

    LOL They died as quick as they entered. Welcome to Ohio.
  8. NTXYankee

    2019 Short/Medium Range Severe Weather Thread

    Well I am taking a break from weather, this season is crap at least for Central Ohio, it’s turned into either a dying complex or everything goes around. If I hear thunder it may storm if I hear a siren maybe a tornado, lol. Time to enjoy the heat.
  9. NTXYankee

    May 16-21 Severe Threats

    Probably a good thing I haven’t watered flowers, etc. If everything in Indiana continues to develop and move SE towards Columbus heavy rain probably a decent bet.
  10. NTXYankee

    2019 Short/Medium Range Severe Weather Thread

    Saw that, seemed to start popping up pretty quick. HRRR says Columbus around 5z so we’ll see out this way.
  11. NTXYankee

    May 2019 Discussion

    I know makes you wonder. This pattern has been miserable. I tolerate winter to look forward to severe weather season and now I’m just getting cranky and want a massive heat ridge to just put it to bed for the year and use the pool.
  12. NTXYankee

    2019 Short/Medium Range Severe Weather Thread

    lol looks like we’ll have to continue talking about it because this threat went poof. Maybe by the end of the season with this crap pattern we’ll get to page three in this thread.
  13. NTXYankee

    April 29-May 1 Severe Weather

    I hope so. I have friends in Roanoke to the west of the city
  14. Yuck. You could not pay me enough to live that far north, I think Columbus winters are long.
  15. NTXYankee

    1992 - Michigan's Year Without A Summer

    Not cool resurrecting an old thread.