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  1. Another thunderstorm day another joke in Columbus.
  2. I beg to differ on NE Ohio getting less. Columbus can’t get a direct hit with a storm even if it paid Mother Nature. The rest of Ohio does well. Columbus needs it’s own NWS, ILN is constantly talking about storms yet it’s always western and sw Ohio.
  3. lol eventually a line of storms won’t split or die when it moves into Columbus only to fill back in to the east.
  4. Likewise if it’s following development like HRRR these would be more discrete
  5. Not surprised an outflow took Columbus out of the game today.
  6. ILN says low to mid 70’s as well here even with that low spinning directly overhead. Hard to believe too especially since temps have missed the mark all week.
  7. Well what would you expect from 2020 and models that are useless beyond 24 hours.
  8. Yeah we dropped in Ohio too of course.
  9. Are you sure you were looking at the right region? That extended period of warmer weather doesn’t sound like it was up here. Had you said two days of nice weather it might sound more believable.
  10. As long as you keep that Canadian high up there you can have it. People are grumpy down here from them.
  11. Hopefully a massive blowtorch.
  12. If that happens I am moving again, I don’t care if it lasts two hours on the ground and melts. It’s May not March. Disgusting.
  13. The conversation will be for many “I got tired of living in an area where winter lasts 6 months, came to my senses and moved south.”