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  1. Looks like activity is now starting to ramp up west of Shreveport. Many storms in that area seem to be getting that "look" (hooks) on the radar.
  2. New tornado warning northwest of the Houston metro area. Portions of the northernmost Houston metro area (The Woodlands and Conroe) will need to watch out if this can hold together.
  3. And there’s now a tornado warning on that Kingsbury storm. (there also had been a TW when it passed over Seguin)
  4. Looks like Kingsbury, TX (east of Seguin) is getting hammered by straight-line winds right about now.
  5. Seems like there are two areas of rotation with the Clarksville cell:
  6. There seems to be a weak area of rotation East of Castroville and moving towards US 90 and West Loop 1604, nothing impressive though. Will need to watch how it interacts with the outflow though.
  7. Yeah, there seems to be an outflow boundary in place. If these hooks can get out ahead of the outflow (of which I’ve drawn below), watch out:
  8. I was about to mention the storms moving towards the San Antonio and Austin metro areas. I’m starting to get a little concerned about these storms, especially if they start showing hooks (and velocity couplets) on radar as you mentioned.
  9. For the DFW area I would be more concerned if I saw stronger radar returns trying to form in the circled area below. Also any right-movers developing out of that area of heavy precipitation to the west could be a risk for the western Metroplex.
  10. I remember one time several years ago there was a situation where storms to the west of DFW acted to remove a capping inversion over DFW due to rain-cooled air falling out of the storm anvils, and then storms rapidly went up over the Metroplex. So I could completely see how rain-cooled air aloft could remove an inversion.
  11. Tornado watch now out for north-central Texas.
  12. Severe-warned storm coming into Muskogee seems to be developing a fairly-pronounced hook echo with a velocity couplet. EDIT: and now it is tornado-warned.
  13. Meanwhile radar returns are increasing over and near the DFW Metroplex, primarily Denton County at this time. These particular areas of development seem primed to become more of a severe thunderstorm threat as they move further north. In terms of a DFW-area severe storm threat, I'm continuing to watch for potential development south or southwest of the DFW area, though, and (fortunately) there is nothing in that area yet. The rotation has also weakened on that NE OK storm too.
  14. Some strong low-level rotation is ongoing with a storm in NE OK right now.
  15. And it has started. Two tornado warnings now up in central Oklahoma, one near Prague and one near Atwood.