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  1. I don’t get this it doesn’t happen in New England mantra on this forum. Everyone acts like once in 100 years is the New England norm. It’s really not though we are in a hurricane drought that will end at some point. 30 years without a hurricane is a long time. Please stop acting like we don’t get hurricanes because it will happen.
  2. you were right it literally just missed. The inner eye-wall band only grazed the island. It had a small eye wall so most storms would have nailed the Island. I just saw a twitter post from Josh Morgerman that shows the radar and its a close miss for the worst of the eye wall. Its crazy how a small eye wall and a last minute turn saved the island. Threaded the needle literally! Close Previous Next
  3. Other than the Eye actually passing over the Island that was as close as it gets. It didn't get the right front quad but that was a very strong storm so I don't think that matters much. Plus the Dance around the Island by the Eye kept them in eye for much longer than if the eye just passed over them. I would argue this scenario could be worse than the eye passing directly over the Island.
  4. Posters that made these comments should get an automatic weenie tag!
  5. Savannah to the Outer Banks seems like the range. Somewhere in the middle like Wilmington to the SC border looks like a good place for the center of the cone
  6. And it’s not even over yet in eastern areas....although the majority of precipitation ends up on the right side which doesn’t really fit for hurricanes at our latitude
  7. Nasty storm Brewster up to Eastham. My work on 6a just had a super nearby lightening strike and we are on generator power now. It’s been pouring for about 25 minutes now too.
  8. wouldn’t you consider those a good signal at a week lead time? It will also be the third week in March so anything 3+ would be pretty good that late in the season.
  9. This was caused more by super low ratio slush snow....we get nor’easters with winds 65+ with minimal outages. This was more about the heavy weighted snow.
  10. 4:1 slop snow happened....sucks because a lot of cape cod towns are near 100% for outages
  11. Take a screenshot of the pic. That’s worked for me. Screenshots are a lower resolution hence a smaller file size
  12. Powers been flickering all morning finally lost it in Dennis ma
  13. Starting to snow in Dennis Ma....snow mixed with some rain