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  1. It wasn't really a cat 3 at landfall but its high forward speed (50-60 mph) added to the wind speeds.
  2. Pretty wild. the rains caused a mini landslide at the Comber. the lifeguard stand is buried. This pretty much cuts off beach access too!
  3. A car went down the dune at the beachcomer last night after it collasped from the rain and they can't get it back up the dune http://www.capecod.com/cape-wide-news/torrential-downpours-cause-problems-across-the-cape/
  4. Let's actually get a cyclone before we worry about track. Pretty big differences in the euro and gfs and we all know how well the gfs has done with the tropics lately. I'd side more with the euro for now.
  5. It's a brush because of how compact the storm Is. Would a small system be pausible in this setup? Most guidance shows a large storm system?
  6. Feedback issues for what?
  7. Euro has the storm but it slides south. It's looks to just brush SE areas. It's really close tho def something to keep an eye on.
  8. Cape is 35" on avg I think so anything else is gravy for us. We could be done for the winter but I think we get one more event probably a smaller size one in early March. Edit: Hyannis avg is actually 28.9 it's 35 more toward wareham and Plymouth
  9. I'm in Dennis.....don't have an exact tally but we are minimum at 35" on the year so far with two storms around a foot and then three at 4-6"
  10. Nam kisses CHH with 1.00 to 1.25 QpF
  11. GEFS looks good this far out
  12. The cape doesn't have enough space to be recognized by the pixels so it just ends there
  13. They are on the right front quad i wouldn't call it a miss at all. The western part of the island is in the eyewall and the rest of the island is in the worst zone for surge
  14. Wow!! That is gorgeous structure what a moisture feed
  15. Wasn't the NAM one of the first models to start the westward shift with the AnaFront? Correct me if I'm wrong. The other models caught on and ended up closer to the actual outcome