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  1. Fish storm out at sea took hermine name first so now it’s on to Ian
  2. Still going to be fun to watch as it looks primed for intensification
  3. Looks like 1938 but for Nova Scotia!
  4. OTS is probably the favorite. Worst case would be a teaser that adjusts OTS. That’s been the way lately I feel like.
  5. How can you say that at this stage? So much left unanswered about this whole setup. I think it’s clear a lot is still in play. Gulf to OTS and everything in between. Also this could even get shredded by the islands. Wait and see with lots of surprises ahead.
  6. When you only post the same thing you lose all credibility.
  7. Development potential and general pattern and ensembles is what you should be looking at not 372 hour clown maps.
  8. Cleanup and power restoration took one to two weeks after Bob. I think a cat three it would take 2 to 4+ weeks to clean up and restore power.
  9. You are a broken record with a weenie tag. Long range models are pretty inaccurate yet you act like they are a verbatim forecast. How many times have we seen tropical activity change on a dime from forecast to reality? The GFShas fantasy storms that never materialize and vice versa storms form out of the blue. Give it a rest until September and just see what happens. End rant
  10. Makes me think of James. This was his go to ingredient for a miller b nuke
  11. It’s hard forecasting snow it’s next to impossible to forecast zr in New England with any specifics. It always sneaks up on us. It will be a nowcast for sure.
  12. Lol did they just give up on measuring the cape
  13. I’m curious who had the longest time frame with consistent blizzard conditions. I’m in Dennis. I would estimate we had blizzard conditions from 7am right through to almost 9pm. We had a lull in the snow for an hour or two but it was still a ground blizzard the whole time.
  14. Just wrapping up in Dennis with the OES moving to the outer Cape on the NW wind. Storm total looks to be 19”. We had a foot at 3pm so the OES gave us 7 inches in about 5 hours.
  15. Yeah that January 2005 storm was the closest to 78 and it still wasn’t quite there but almost. I remember the town of Barnstable had to remove cars from the road leading to Cape Cod hospital for the ambulance route with a front end loader. They literally picked peoples cars up and smashed them into the snow banks totaling a lot of them. They stopped plowing because even the plows were getting stuck.
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