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  1. ny10019

    July 21-23 Hybrid/Coastal Storm

    currently on shirt #3 for the day.
  2. I need to marry up or win the lottery and get me a nice little beach house for these intolerable summer months.
  3. Absolutely disgusting out there this morning. Usually I do a 4 mile walk with the dogs in Central Park, today we got in 1. Zero breeze and the air was so thick it felt like you could cut it. Shower #2 for the day about to be underway.
  4. ny10019

    Spring 2018 banter

    very high on the list of the reasons I moved back east after living in Los Angeles for 11 years. Sun gets boring af every day.
  5. some from central park this morning around 1am https://www.instagram.com/p/BgoaL2-nfK5/?taken-by=larryrowe1 https://www.instagram.com/p/BgoadqfnA0r/?taken-by=larryrowe1
  6. ny10019

    March 2018 Model Discussion

    is this for the Monday storm? (sorry, fighting the flu and my comprehension skills are off today)
  7. ny10019

    1/4 Mega Bomb obs.

    we must be pretty close to each other... got a brief glimpse of sun then back to dark skies
  8. ny10019

    1/4 Mega Bomb obs.

    still gray and cloudy, but wow. Went from blizzard conditions to not even 1 snowflake falling in the span of a couple minutes.
  9. ny10019

    1/4 Mega Bomb obs.

    here on UWS an abrupt end to the snow. Huge gusts of wind but just completely stopped snowing
  10. ny10019

    1/4 Mega Bomb obs.

    that's definitely a low read. When I was at CP this am until about 12:30 it was at least 9. The bands ever since have been pretty insane (at least here on the west side) so I don't think 12'' is out of the question when all is said and done
  11. ny10019

    1/4 Mega Bomb obs.

    bus is stuck on Broadway in the UWS IMG_5298.MOV.3gp.mov
  12. ny10019

    1/4 Mega Bomb obs.

    yep it's just puking I'm gonna head back to the park again once my damn phone charges back up
  13. ny10019

    1/4 Mega Bomb obs.

    just got back from another Central park walk
  14. ny10019

    1/4 Mega Bomb obs.

    looking down Broadway , can barely see more than 3 blocks down in the UWS
  15. ny10019

    Jan 4th 2018 Fish Bomb

    how often do they send recon flights into winter storms?