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  1. ny10019

    December 2018 General Discussion & Observations

    from what I'm reading, we can knock the NYE snowstorm off the table?
  2. Just walked back from Central Park (UWS) Huge branches down everywhere in the park. There's a helluva lot more than 2'' in there at 4pm
  3. ny10019

    Michael Banter Thread

    Was watching it live and honestly thought they were going to be casualties. But that boss-dude, David, should *not* ever be in charge of anything related to weather, ever again. There's bad judgement calls, and then there's downright idiotic judgement calls. His was definitely in the latter.
  4. ny10019

    Major Hurricane Michael

    That I've seen, but to maintain tropical storm status this far along seems to be an anomaly. I suppose I could google it but I'm tired so maybe tomorrow.
  5. ny10019

    Major Hurricane Michael

    Between the troll posts, I'm hoping this doesn't get lost. Curious as to the history of storms maintaining Hurricane and then TS force winds this far out from landfall and traveling across the country? It astounds me that this is still a TS causing damage on another coast.
  6. ny10019

    Michael Banter Thread

    It's sole purpose of creation was to affect the mid-term elections in the southern states. This needs to be investigated further.
  7. ny10019

    Major Hurricane Michael

    eyewall https://twitter.com/ZachWPDE/status/1050431608237551616
  8. ny10019

    Major Hurricane Michael

    another Mexico Beach:
  9. ny10019

    Major Hurricane Michael

    I was in Naples (FL) for Andrew and the gusts didn't look like that.
  10. ny10019

    Major Hurricane Michael

    not sure if anyone posted this, but Brett and the other dude are safe. Rachael Adair 19 mins · Brett Adair & Stephen Johnson is SAFE!!! They can't get out of the area they are in and others can't get in. He is in the house of a nice family that has been in contact with me. Thank you for the prayers!!
  11. you can say that again. How people live in Seattle is beyond me.
  12. well good thing you're able to see into the future to let us know it's not going to be as bad. Thanks.
  13. funny you started this topic Just got home from Central Park with the dogs and I couldn't believe the amount of fireflies still out there. I was trying to remember if, as a kid, I had ever seen them in September and was thinking about it the whole walk home. I grew up in Michigan but still, similar climatology. As far as guesses hell if I know but good to know I'm not the only one befuddled by the phenomenon this year...
  14. hyper-excitement after Sandy hit up here. Every damn storm is going to be a "Sandy-redux" blah-blah-blah Also, don't *EVER* go into the NYC forum if there's a blizzard anywhere on the east coast. The weenie talk during a hurricane is nothing compared to snowstorm talk. I often fear someone is going to be found dead at their computer from lack of sleep/food and the stress of proving themselves right on the message board.