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  1. Starting to look more likely (NC) needs to be on watch and we could experience one of the better tropical events of the 2010s in DC *IF* Euro verifies.
  2. Send her to UMD! Such an amazing experience. I miss it so much lol
  3. Can you promise me a HOT AND HUMID fall first with some tropical action??
  4. Hoping we have one of the warmest winters of all time. I could use highs in the 50s straight through January.
  5. Yup and you'll be cold when it gets below 50 this winter!
  6. Montgomery County and half inch.
  7. He's a professional so the run of the mill stuff isn't going to impress him.
  8. Hopefully we can get some 3'' hour rates for multiple hours today. My hope is one day we can get a harvy and florence and get a couple feet of rain over a couple days.
  9. When are ya moving back south??
  10. This has to be "above average" right? Though I would say at this point the 30 year climo avg for atlantic coast SST is just not accurate by present day standards. OCMD has a 71 degree august high avg temp by 30 yr avg, and we have been 5+ degrees above that every summer since 2010. Read something around this that said the summer 26 degree isotherm which used to be around OBX even 10 years ago has since moved up to the new jersey coastline. Hundreds of miles!
  11. Do y'all cover Hampton roads?
  12. Why don't people like humidity? I love that swamp feeling and reminds me we do not live in the North. If you don't like it, you are at the wrong latitude on the East coast. Went on a 5 mile hike this afternoon at great falls and it was beautiful!
  13. The odds of a 1000 year flood 3 years so close together are.... 1/1000. Past events have no influence on odds of a particular event! Haha