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  1. Today's DCA being RIC of 30-50 years ago is a very good comparison. Given RVA is 100 miles south of DC, it's pretty sad in a half century.
  2. Climo has changed most likely. Expecting 15 inches of snow in DC from multiple storms isn't realistic IMO. We will always have a chance at a big one given our location to the coast, but boom or bust on storms is something we should get used to.
  3. Coastal SE is the dream. NC Coast probably more realistic and I've looked into Wilmington, but I've heard nice things about Jax Florida.
  4. Too cold and air is too dry. When can we get dews in the 70s again? Need to move south and join the SE subforum...
  5. Very interesting. What would this mean? Not sure I understand implications of increasing heights or even what heights are.
  6. We are much more humid than colorado!
  7. When do you see 4-6'' AREA WIDE outside of a true landfalling tropical? Come on CAPE.
  8. Love me some N/S slow moving trains. We don't get those enough around here. Too much west to east garbage.
  9. Would have loved to have those personal stats recorded...
  10. Went to UMD. The mall can become a river. Can they get pics?
  11. One of the best rain events in years oh my!
  12. It's not even that DC is too west. We are too south and that is our biggest downfall. Plenty of places west do just fine. Albany gets 2010 accums every year.
  13. Over 2'' falling in under an hour - Arlington metro line
  14. Absolutely CRUSHED in Alrington. Best storm I've seen in years. Signs blew down and trees sideway.