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  1. Just a nasty day with nonstop rain...
  2. Man, this could be bad. Extra bad because we're in the middle of a pandemic.
  3. The boomer apocalypse is here. Meanwhile, I'm "stocking up" figuratively and literally. Maybe I'll be able to afford a mortgage if real estate prices crash too.
  4. We are a nation, even a world, at war. But the enemy is not in a far away land, it's all around us: In our workplaces, our shops, even our homes. The only way we can win this war and avoid global catastrophe is through the way any war is won. We must do our civic duty and stay as isolated as possible. The worst days are ahead of us, as the graphic shows.
  5. Looks similar to the average of the last 20 Februaries.
  6. Where exactly is the rain/snow line? I can confirm that the depiction on RadarScope is not accurate.