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  1. I thought it was just me, but it really seems like we went from March to June in a week.
  2. Satellite trends look good too with ample clearing across W C IL
  3. Could be a big day possibly. No morning convection to ruin things for once
  4. This is bad. Training already taking place over the same areas it happened Friday
  5. Today is gonna be an interesting day for sure. Already rotating showers in southern LOT cwa
  6. The 15z RAP doesn’t look good. If anything close to this verifies it wont be pretty
  7. Was literally trapped at home for most of yesterday as moving water was flowing over my driveway. Creeks locally have never been so high except for in 2008. More heavy rain won’t be pretty
  8. Looks like some of the latest hrrr/rap runs are correcting a bit north. Obs look good as well in support of this
  9. WSW out for part of DVN’s cwa. Wonder if LOT will follow suit.
  10. At my local caseys they have a tape line about 4’ away from the counter, the cashier asks you to put your items on the counter & step back behind the line. He/she then scans them and then tells you your total, steps back, and then you’re able to pay using only card. They’re not accepting cash at this time
  11. Any storms that can mature in W IL will have a shot. Atmosphere is pretty primed
  12. You were right, I’ll be listening to you more often lol
  13. Looks like SPC is holding serve. Seems like a good choice