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  1. mfastx

    April 7-8 snow event

    Annddd it's gone.
  2. mfastx

    April 7-8 snow event

    Mine too. I'm not buying it just yet though, there's definitely a little too much of a north trend going on.
  3. mfastx

    2018 Mid Atlantic Spring Thread

    You should move to Houston, every day from May to October.
  4. mfastx

    Mid-Atlantic snow totals for winter 2017/18

    Still a highly impressive number for College Station.
  5. mfastx

    Mid-Atlantic snow totals for winter 2017/18

    Where are you getting this number for Galveston? I'm seeing only a trace recorded for the season there. Houston meanwhile has 0.8 and 1.5 inches at IAH and HOU, respectively.
  6. mfastx

    The Seasonal Snowfall Futility Markers

    I'm seeing 3.4 for DCA, 3.2 for BWI and 7.3 for IAD.
  7. mfastx

    February Obs/Disco Thread

    Had some nice flakes earlier at Court House. Looks like we may miss the next wave, hopefully get hit with some more later today. Final flakes of the season?
  8. mfastx

    December Banter Thread

    With both met summer and autumn being wildly above normal for our area, it makes sense for that trend to continue doesn't it? What did last met winter end up as?
  9. mfastx

    Winter 2016-17 Digital Snow Thread

    Reel 'er in.
  10. mfastx

    Winter 2016-2017 Speculation and Discussion

    Thanks for the info, I'm a total n00b with respect to meteorological history and have only been here a year, so much appreciated.
  11. mfastx

    Winter 2016-2017 Speculation and Discussion

    Out of curiosity, what was climo for this area in the '60s?
  12. mfastx

    Sept Banter Thread

    Last winter was my first winter here after living in Boston for 4 years, culminating in a winter where we saw over 110" of snow. Can't say I don't miss it every day, that winter may have been the greatest stretch in my life lol.
  13. mfastx

    Friday 3/4 "Last Gasp?" - Model Disco and Obs

    Most beautiful morning of winter. Great way to finish off the season.
  14. mfastx

    Redemption Room

  15. mfastx

    DCA Snowfall Total Controversy

    Snow totals at BOS always seemed to be a bit lower than surrounding areas when I was living up there, but the difference at DCA seems a lot more pronounced.