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  1. lol. I agree and am surprised that Jerry is riding the RevKev train to High and Dew Land.
  2. Massive crowds of people installing a.c. units throughout the I-84 corridor in CT.
  3. lol. Spin the wheel of chance and pick a winner.
  4. April being April...We chill.
  5. Pretty much the consensus of a good number of people on here.
  6. You spent 700 to go to the wrong part of Maine to walk a few feet from your car and eye-ball snow depth? Why you don't have the weenie tag is beyond me. Enjoy your 8-12 today.
  7. NWS down graded totals here from a max of 19 to 13. Looks like much more mix expected in my neck of the woods.
  8. Lol. You can bet that if he was around and had an immediate vested interest he would probably show a bit of compassion. ....although maybe not.
  9. lol. As always, dude has the sense of humor and and social skills of a mosquito, even on an internet forum. ...More talk of above average temps for Kansas please.
  10. What are the thoughts on mixing and how far inland it reaches, both from the coast of CT, and From the coasts of R.I. and Mass?
  11. Oh. That's like being in R.I. Maybe a few ticks east would help you but this close to game time it may be tough.
  12. I could see my area dry slotting for a while . I've been there before. Just get me my 3" or so to put me above 50" for the season and I will be fine. Thanks.
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