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  1. Haha I remember that last year. I drove 7 hours to New Hampshire for an 8 inch snowfall lmfao
  2. I'm already keeping an eye on the 6th-8th time frame, someone end me
  3. I just got back to Philly. I drove to Braintree MA for yesterday's storm. I drove Erie for the storm 2 weeks ago. We're all insane.
  4. I'm estimating 2 feet here just based off of nothing but past experience of what 2 feet of snow looks like. I could be way off though hah. This hobby is draining. I made a deal with owner of this hotel to shovel for a free night. Just finished. I'm on like 3 hours sleep, good night all
  5. Quick video I took driving through Brockton https://twitter.com/BNelson524/status/1487493084510306313?s=20&t=I0XmosMI9Vzc1QtGVSQ5PQ
  6. Little bit, this ride to Brockton has been worth it though. Drifts over cars now
  7. Whats a site I can use to host videos to post here?
  8. This is the heaviest snow I've ever experienced.
  9. Plow guy giving me a ride to gas station, getting pummeled. Insane
  10. Scott what do you think we end up with? It's insane out there right now. Owner of hotel giving me free room for helping him shovel hah
  11. Think the band around Plymouth will stay together and make it to Boston? That looks insane down there
  12. Little gravity wave action there? Or just a graphical thing
  13. It is brutal out here. Impossible to measure as everyone has noted.. Hoping these bands can rotate a bit farther NW. Can see the ocean effect on radar a bit. I tried to get farther SE towards Plymouth but there was nothing available any where for a reasonable price. Any posters from around where I am?
  14. @ORH_wxman is a prophet. The euro hinting that the region kf heavy totals south of LI would start to creep up towards CT and RI. This run gives me shades of 2013
  15. This seems to happen every event. You get those western shifts about 36-48 hours then some last second eastern adjustments. Im on 95 headed towards Boston. Trying to stay near Rockland but can't find a hotel that isn't booked. I found one in Braintree Mass. Not that it will be that big a change but will I still be at a decent* (damn auto correct) spot for OES? Places must be booked from the storm
  16. I flew from Philly to Colorado for last year's March event. I'm headed up to NE his morning, though I still haven't decided on a location. Its worth it screw it
  17. Probably way overdone on the Nam obviously, but you never know, it nailed 2016 when every other model was farther E
  18. It's already corrected big time down here in Philly. You guys probably not paying attention but notice the snowfall amounts changing down here between 12 18 and now 00z. It's a joke. It will keep adjusting
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