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  1. Heavy snow and 19 F in Roanoke, VA. Have about 5 1/2 in on the ground already. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Snowing and sleeting lightly in Roanoke, VA. 38 F Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. 2-3 inches here in Roanoke already but from the looks of the radar the back edge will be here soon.
  4. Moderate Snow and 34F here at work in Roanoke, Va
  5. Light Snow and 28F here in Roanoke, VA
  6. Rain/Snow mix currently here in Roanoke, VA. Temp is 34F
  7. 16 degrees and moderate snow here at work in Madison, NC. Roads are really starting to get covered here.
  8. Does anybody think there may be a possibility that this system may nudge south just a tad or is the track pretty much set in stone at this point?
  9. It still looks like we will get at least an inch or so up our way based on the NAM. I am happy with anything at this point with the way this winter has gone so far. http://www.instantweathermaps.com/NAM-php/showmap-conussfc.php?run=2014012012&time=INSTANT&var=SNODI&hour=039
  10. No not yet. We are sitting at 44 with light rain here at the moment.
  11. Nope, nothing yet. It sure looks like it though. It's 48 now but the temperature is dropping like a rock. It was 56 an hour ago. You can really see the backbuilding on the Blacksburg composite radar now. http://radar.weather.gov/radar_lite.php?rid=fcx&product=NCR&loop=yes Another interesting note, the winds have turned Northerly at the Martinsville and Oak Ridge Weatherbug sites. Looks like this should minimize downsloping somewhat.
  12. The sky is getting fairly dark and the cloud ceiling is lowering quickly here at work in Madison, NC. Wouldn't be surprised at all to see some returns show up on the radar over Rockingham County here pretty shortly.
  13. Does anybody have the link to the Philippines radar?
  14. NEWS 9 is now broadcasting live http://www.news9.com/category/258217/weather-control-center