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  1. Looks on radar like there is now a dominant center SSW of Vieques. There is some banding that's forming over Puerto Rico that is starting to wrap around the new COC. There is also alot of lightning just south of the center.
  2. To me it looks like the center could be reforming SW of St Croix. I think the swirl on radar is just a mesolow but it looks like it could be rotating around another COC.
  3. I think its so funny that all of a sudden everybody is giving up on winter when we are only halfway through winter..
  4. Are the models backing off of the snowfall because the wave that's developing on the front is delaying the CAA?
  5. Ended up with about 15 inches here in Roanoke. Besides the blip on the models Thurs night/Friday this has to be one of the best modeled storms for this area Ive ever seen..
  6. Heavy Snow and 34 in Roanoke. We have about 2 1/2 inches now with about an inch and a half of that coming within the last hour. Roads are covered. .
  7. About 3 1/2 inches here in Roanoke and still coming down pretty good but still no advisory lol. It looks per radar we are near some type of pivot point with the deformation band and it looks like we could get another inch before it is over with. Bigtime overperformer here. We were supposed to get less than an inch. Im just trying to figure out why Blacksburg never upgraded us to a WWA.
  8. Yeah it was modeled by both the HRRR and the NAM models. It is being caused by upper level low closing off and the trough is beginning to have more of a neutral tilt. A met could probably give you a better explanation of how it happens.
  9. Looks like the beginning of a deformation band on the northwest side of the ull. You can see it on the Blacksburg, VA Radar as well.
  10. Very close to closing off on this tun. Trough quite a bit deeper too.
  11. Any concern about the disturbance in the Northern Gulf cutting off the moisture flow to the system?
  12. I remember back in the mid 2000's when I lived in Martinsville, VA there was system like this that had a heavy band that dissipated right at the crest of the Blue Ridge (About 15 miles west of me) and then reformed about 5 miles south of my location. We ended up with flurries while 10 miles south of me near the North Carolina line they got 6 inches. That one hurt because they had forcasted 4 inches. These kind of systems can tear your heart out but they can bust on the high end too.
  13. They are always conservative so that's not a surprise.