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  1. On the other hand, eastern and northern mass has done very well this summer We are about to get hit again, as I type this...
  2. Very powerful strikes here few minutes ago. Shook the house!
  3. one storm went by here. I think another is coming...rain getting more intense.
  4. That was once in a lifetime type of winter. Spectacular for sure, but we are unlikely to witness something like it for a very long time.
  5. It would be nice to see an early spring. I always prefer a front-loaded winter, which we kind of had this year with that very nice snowstorm in early December.
  6. Thanks for sharing that! Pretty neat. I would love to see the same for BOS if you do end up analyzing the data at some point.
  7. Has anyone done a chart showing the number of big snowstorms (say 12"+) per year in the Boston metro area since records have been kept? That would be cool to see.
  8. Winter over. It would be very interesting if the Dec 1-3 storm turns out to be the biggest of the season for the Boston area.
  9. It will cool to get a ton of sleet here, instead of snow.
  10. Yeah, well it can always be worse. Try living in eastern Mass. It's the dead zone for convection. Haha.
  11. Ha, same for me. I have a daughter that is nearing 12 months. It would be nice to spend more time outside. I was not liking the extreme cold earlier this winter.
  12. That was probably once in a lifetime month, not likely to repeat any time soon.
  13. Agreed. I hope upcoming pattern favors folk out west. I will gladly take warm pattern here.
  14. Now with a small baby, my enjoyment for snow is not what it used to be Never been a fan of arctic cold either.
  15. I am rooting for the folk to the west of I-95 corridor. Hope it slams them, and it misses us.