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  1. Looks like 30 % showed up. Not sure where this strikes on the EC yet but once this gets to 75W the models want to pull it in.
  2. 2 pm 943 120 mph
  3. Amelia 48 inches 1978.
  4. I spent 25 years of driving to Wall street and it took it's toll , no pun intended. From 2000 to 2009 the Laurel Hollow to Wall street commute went from 1:30 to solid 2 hours each way. From 2010 to 2016 the Colts Neck drive to 55 Water was a similar 1:30 as well. Thankfully that's over and I work out of Redbank now and it's an 15 minute drive to my office , life changing.
  5. Amazing R/S this morning . Left Colts Neck at 9 AM where it had been raining since 6 AM drove 12 miles W to my office and it was still heavily sleeting . Any thoughts on the ULL swinging through tomorrow / or just instability snow showers ?
  6. This is as far N and W those 850s should get / this should begin to pivot as the coast dry slots in a few hours after the rain along Jersey Shore and sleet in NYC . N and W the show goes on
  7. Yes all warnings city and LI cxld . It will rain unfortunately for a bit there .
  8. It prob goes back and forth The real rain is on the Jersey shore and LI. Prob gets to JFK and the city sleets and then around 10 look to see if the warm punch stops . N and W of there its fine
  9. It only gets so far then turns E . But the city and LI will rain for a bit . N posters are fine .
  10. Pouring in Colts Neck should get to the city by 9
  11. I hope someone in the Mid and LHV can pull off 30
  12. The center is coming due N , warm layers are just gona punch in all over the place. This will sleet pretty far NW and I will go to R soon .
  13. 989 down 3mb last hour / no dynamic cooling here .The center tucked and is over VA beach . This will taint way further N than what was modeled. The center will kiss AC.
  14. The center came up W of Wallops , this should change to rain all the up into NYC. Flood Advisory on the Jersey shore I think that gets extended onto E LI. sorry guys