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  1. I just want to take a moment and thank you, @psuhoffman, for your reasoned responses and patience. It is my understanding these long range threads are supposed to be about analysis and model discussions about long range threats. With @Bob Chill and @showmethesnow MIA, you are the voice of reason and one of the few members who actually posts true analysis consistently. So, again, thank you and please continue to post. I don’t mind occasional tangents but, unfortunately, some folks on here primarily post just to bitch and moan. It’s tiresome and I wish they would take it banter or panic room.
  2. What is a heat flux event? Is this the same sudden stratospheric warming?
  3. Ditto! SN+ just outside the beltway in Pikesville. Not quite covering the grass yet but it will soon.
  4. Bust? 3 inches plus it’s supposed to continue most of the day. You’ll most likely pick up an additional 2-3 which seems right in line with most forecasts around the Reisterstown area.
  5. Roads slowly starting to cave in Pikesville.
  6. Just want to echo the many thank yous, Mr. Chill. I’m one of those 90% visitors who never or seldom post. I like coming here for the analysis and discussion but the recent “doom and gloom” posts that seem to be more prevalent this year have made coming to the long range discussions more depressing than insightful. Hopefully, this is a wake up call and folks will be more thoughtful before posting.