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  1. Snowproblem

    March 7 Disc/Observations

    Roads slowly starting to cave in Pikesville.
  2. Snowproblem

    Public Service Announcement - Please Read

    Just want to echo the many thank yous, Mr. Chill. I’m one of those 90% visitors who never or seldom post. I like coming here for the analysis and discussion but the recent “doom and gloom” posts that seem to be more prevalent this year have made coming to the long range discussions more depressing than insightful. Hopefully, this is a wake up call and folks will be more thoughtful before posting.
  3. Snowproblem

    January Pattern Discussion

    Longtime lurker here . . . Curious what some of this board's experienced contributors think of Masco's latest post? You think there's merit to his statement that this pattern "screams cold and snow" and is "locked and loaded?"
  4. Snowproblem

    December 2013 obs and discussion

    Snowing moderately in Pikesville. What a nice day after Christmas surprise.
  5. Snowproblem

    December and a Hint of January Pattern Discussion

    Even if they don't "learn" couldn't the algorithms be manually changed? For instance, the models always seem to have problems handling CAD. Couldn't a computer programmer go in and make adjustments to compensate for issues that always seem to appear like the inability to forecast CAD?