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  1. Southern cell looks like its done, but there's still a decent couplet up near Henrietta, TX.
  2. May be too HP to cycle properly. We'll see..
  3. Hand-off beginning. New meso taking over due south of town. Edit: The original tornado is actually being pulled west towards Cross Plains. Crazy.
  4. Interestingly, no significant CC drop yet I'm sure something is on the ground there. Doesn't always show up, even with strong tornadoes.
  5. Couplet stronger and brighter yet again. Seems to be pulsing up and down in terms of intensity.
  6. Thought so too but looks strong again on latest scan. Could keep going for a bit. Reminds me of the rain-wrapped Big Spring, TX EF3 from last year.
  7. I'd be a bit concerned if I were in the town of Rising Star right now. Extremely strong signature.
  8. Rain wrapping around it but intensifying still. All jokes aside, that is a a damn strong couplet.
  9. I realize it didn't happen and probably should have specified. Today had some impressive signatures. I was just saying I find those kind of posts more annoying than bust calls in general, not in relation to today's event. Again moving on...
  10. Yeah? It has no substance, yet it just doesn't get my blood boiling like it does for others. All I'm saying. And nobody. I never said that happened today but thanks for putting words in my mouth. That was more something I saw a lot of on Jan 23 and April 5 though. Moving on..
  11. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Is he being mature and constructive? No way. Is he wrong though? Nope, even if he has little basis science wise. It's honestly kind of amusing watching the thread go into a tailspin just because one guy is not so tactful about the reality of the current situation. Personally, I find "OMG Huge couplet!!!11!" And "TVS!!!" type posts over weak little transient areas of rotation way more annoying.
  12. Winding down for sure. This is not going to reach its ceiling potential wise.
  13. Curious to see how this evolves. Window for High Risk verification tornado wise won't be open for too much longer.
  14. Yeah I honestly don't see anything that would put the OKC metro in danger anytime soon trajectory wise.
  15. Tornado may be approaching Corn, OK from the looks of the last few Velocity scans.