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  1. Oh yeah I guess I just didn't try hard enough. Thanks for the eye opener.
  2. Seriously? Did you even read my posts. I'm sorry but these sort of posts are just borderline infuriating. Trust me, everything you have suggested, I have tried. I've spent way too much time, money, and tears trying to get to the root of this issue and retrain my brain to get through these classes, and I know for certain that it just isn't an achievable goal for me. But you "don't believe" that's the case despite the fact that you don't know me or what lengths I've gone to to try to make this happen. When you are about average to decent at math, you aren't going to be able to see how out of touch you come off as without being in my shoes. Sorry for the defensiveness, but I've had this conversation so many times with people and they just don't understand the extent of my math deficit until they witness it in person. It's extremely frustrating.
  3. Many of the TDS claims were quite questionable tonight IMO, with the exception of the Woodbine, GA area tornado.
  4. Lots of misinformation being circulated regarding the Albany death toll, with some reports ranging from 12 to 20 fatalities there. As of now, there are THREE confirmed deaths in the Albany area.
  5. In all fairness, some of those supposed Florida "TDSs" looked more like the blue signatures that sometimes show up in the inflow region of a cell. A few of them may have been legit, but the lack of damage reports makes me think nothing too awful happened in the state of FL tonight.
  6. Not seeing it. TOR warning is dropped and there is nothing to be seen on velocity.
  7. Daytona/Oak Hill circulations moving offshore and winding down. Inland circulations don't look tight. Hopefully this is the end of it.
  8. Daytona metro area is in serious, immediate danger currently.
  9. Tornado coming ashore at Longboat Key. Also another circulation approaching Daytona again. Rotation increasing south of Orlando too. This is far from over.
  10. Longboat Key is in trouble
  11. It may be the degradation, but I'd hesitate to call any of these current couplets "strong" (with the initial DeLand circulation being an exception). Edit: scratch that, Geneva cell is nasty looking.
  12. Pretty worried about Deland. They got hit hard during the 2007 Groundhog Day tornadoes.
  13. I'm on a flight currently so I'm only getting updates via twitter, but from what I'm seeing, one silver lining is that these cells look pretty tame velocity wise. So far, that is. We'll see. PS: I don't have radarscope acess right now so screencaps are much appreciated.
  14. I still wouldn't rule out the possibility of significant tornadoes at this point now that we have ongoing discrete activity.
  15. The cells just coming ashore further south have more time to work with though.