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  1. Confirmed tornado in the Winnsboro area
  2. Hearing it's a large multiple-vortex tornado per Twitter reports. Edit: Pics show a large stovepipe
  3. I'm not gonna go back and forth with you on this, but the poster you replied to was clearly referring to the Dayton area tornado.
  4. From a separate tornado, 75 miles away from the Dayton metro area. Read more carefully.
  5. Well if there's research to support it I acknowledge that (most violent tornadoes are indeed wedges), but I'm saying width is not factored in when it comes to the actual rating process. The above poster seemed to think it was for some reason. No surveyor says "well we have to rate it EF3+ because it was a wedge".
  6. Size/width has nothing to do the Enhanced Fujita scale rating. Come on now, surely you know that?
  7. I’m ok. It missed my house. Terrifying night.
  8. Ohio is getting in on the action now. Couplet to the north of New Paris, OH.
  9. If it’s on the ground, this is gonna be the third time they’ve been hit since 2011.
  10. ^That is a violent tornado right there.
  11. Gonna be a very close call for Montepelier. Barely missing the town to the north it looks like.
  12. Also hearing reports of multiple homes damaged between Macy and Akron, IN.
  13. Pendleton, IN has sustained severe tornado damage per twitter reports and Madison County EMA.