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  1. I'm thinking the tornado threat for the remainder of the period is going to be confined to the tail-end charlie activity near Weinert. Not much else seems that be able to get going.
  2. Second missed TOG today. They are not on the ball right now for whatever reason.
  3. There was an obvious couplet there and they never issued a TOR warning...
  4. Tight rotation near Spur, TX. No warning yet.
  5. Seeing some rotation with the cell near Iredell, TX.
  6. Embedded circulations in the line near Wingo and Mayfield too. No TOR warnings either.
  7. Very interesting stuff going on there velocity wise. Seeing multiple tight TVS signatures spinning up and occluding among a broader area of rotation. Edit: Looks like parallel tornadoes in progress
  8. Probably a TOG east of Cassville, MO.
  9. That seems strangely low. They went with EF3 for Oak Grove.
  10. Oak Grove, MO. Note the two leveled homes near one of the cul-de-sacs, one of which looks to be completely reduced to a clean slab.
  11. One thing I noticed in this video is a lack of toe-nails sticking out of the base plates. This likely made things rather slide-y subflooring wise. Also note that the shrubs around the house look pretty much untouched. If I had to guess, I'd say surveyors probably won't go above high-end EF3 because of this, despite what looks like an otherwise well-built home.
  12. Trimble, Missouri has sustained what looks to be potentially high-end damage as a result of this event. Video shows an anchor-bolted home that was swept completely away, with what looks to be total collapse of the rebar reinforced concrete walk-out basement wall. The metal I-beam that supports the home over the basement has also been ripped loose, pulled out of the basement and bent. Brett Adair says he found sheared off anchor bolts at this location as well. Very curious to see what survey teams find here.
  13. Likely two tornadoes in the ground to the south of the St. Louis metro. Looks very much like other signatures I've seen in the St. Louis area that have produced.
  14. Really intense strong couplets and BWERs with the discrete activity ahead of the line. May have produced significant tornadoes.
  15. Seems to be having trouble establishing consistent inflow, but it definitely has significant tornado potential if it can really get going.