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  1. Rotation is still broad, but increasing with the Bloomington cell.
  2. Scratch what I said earlier, eyewall is really closing off now on radar.
  3. SW side of the eyewall is no longer closed off with deep convection...
  4. The outer eyewall that took over is looking rather oblong to me right now. Hmm...
  5. Notice the convection has deepened and completely filled in the previously weaker southwest side of the outer eyewall.
  6. Down to 120 mph currently and inner eyewall is holding strong.
  7. Every time I think the inner eyewall is on it's last leg, it keeps hanging on. Run at cat 4 intensity is looking a little more questionable right now imo.
  8. You can see the first signs of a big, new eye trying to carve out on radar.
  9. Seeing this as well. Outer eyewall looks to be closing off with deeper convection at least.
  10. IEW is holding strong. Whatever intensification that occurs may be pretty gradual.
  11. Still has an inner eye wall hanging on though
  12. Eye is looking much rounder and more symmetrical on radar.
  13. May just be a continuation of that "stairstepping" wobble pattern seen earlier.
  14. Seems to be pulling away from Cuba now, but land interaction has clearly already had a significant impact on Irma.
  15. Core is definitely not looking as healthy. Looks like land interaction is beginning to affect Irma.