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  1. Honestly, the motion starting at 0:13 is some of the most impressive I've ever seen. Looks like its being fast-forwarded. Certainly a violent tornado, but I haven't heard any reports of major damage in Taylor County. Must have avoided structured for the most part.
  2. TVS with the Oxford Junction cell now.
  3. From what I am hearing via scanners and twitter, the situation in Prairieburg is not good right now. Hearing of multiple structure collapses and people missing, with some parts of the damage path not accessible yet. Edit: Prairieburg, not Prairieville
  4. Strong, tight couplet just spun up right over Central City, IA and is headed straight at Prairieburg.
  5. Looks like a pretty strong circulation between Worth and Grant City, MO as well. In kind of a radar hole though.
  6. I wouldn't get too excited yet. Those two cell will likely merge at some point, and they already seem to be interfering with one another.
  7. The two cells near Ault and Nunn are the ones to watch, that is if they don't interfere with one another too much.
  8. Wheatland cell is now TOR warned.
  9. Castle tornado is completely stationary.
  10. As is the one near Velma, OK. Good couplet there as well.
  11. Fairly intense couplet now north of Castle, Oklahoma.
  12. Okmulgee cell has good inflow and rotation, but there's a lot of junk rapidly going up just to the southwest. May not stay discrete for long.
  13. Hook forming with the Okmulgee cell.
  14. Becoming a little more interested in the Paden, OK cell. Overall structure seems to be improving and I see some evidence of rotation trying to develop. Will see if it sustains itself though. Nowata cell quickly went upscale into an HP mess.
  15. Definitely. Hook developing there too. Funny how the storms in the most favorable parameter space to the north have next to no rotation though. Edit: TOR warned