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  1. Very strong couplet has been in progress for a while near Uncertain, TX. Likely a significant tornado there. Will be crossing into LA soon.
  2. Yeah that's a definite TDS. Almost certainly doing some damage right now.
  3. Thank you for the reply. I already realize this wouldn't make me eligible for a NWS position, but I'm interested regardless. Any idea what kind of job opportunities that it could bring though? I'm assuming this would be limited to TV/broadcast careers, or careers not remotely related to meteorology? Also, do you have any information on technician/Information technology positions with the NWS that would be good for me to be aware of? Thanks It's crossed my mind but it's now or never.
  4. This here in bold is precisely is what I've been doing for the past few years, sans actual calculus because I have been unable to make it to that point. Now this really sucks to admit, but I've been treading water in Algebra level math classes for the past few years. My goal was to build a strong base in Algebra that I would need to get through calc. Needless to say, this hasn't panned out. I've spent a lot of time with private tutors, including a physics/calc prof that I worked with for a pretty long time to help me get caught up. I paid a lot for his help but I think I left the poor guy exasperated. So I'm not really "ducking away" from calc, I just can't seem to get a firm grasp on the prerequisites to even think about taking it. At some point, I got tired of feeling stuck and also started tearing through this MLT program that i'm finishing up now. I recently cut my losses and just solely started focusing on MLT stuff. Despite this, I am having a hell of time putting this weather thing behind me. So that's where I'm at currently. So now that that's established, it's pretty obvious i'm not looking for parity at this point. Nor am I necessarily looking to even work IN meteorology. I mentioned above that I'd be more than happy to work along side those who do, or have a career that is even vaguely associated with weather. So again, my questions remain, are these supposed IT and technician positions out there, are these positions ever filled by non-mets, what will the MSU program that I linked do for me, and are there other options i'm not yet aware of?
  5. I know that the most obvious answer here is probably "not much", but I'm not quite ready to completely give up yet. A little backstory first. I've known I've had a major math issue my whole life, and I've spent the last several years trying to catch up to speed with extensive tutoring, classes, and the works. I've been trying to to learn the skills I need to get through these higher math classes later on, but it's becoming increasingly apparent that it just isn't going to happen. This in combination with my aspirations for a weather related career creates a frustrating situation to say the least. In the mean time, I'm about to finish my "plan B" major and will be working as a medical lab tech here soon. This will support me, but I'm just completely disinterested in the field to be honest. So for the past month or so I've just been trying to see if there is anything else out there that will give me a shot at some type of career fulfillment. I have uncovered a few tentative leads, and I want to know if I should go for it or just suck it up and try to move on. The link below is probably the most interesting thing I've uncovered in my research. It mentions that "Even if you don’t have a degree in meteorology or a science field, you can still find emergency management jobs available with the National Weather Service, including positions as technicians, office directors and IT specialists." http://www.emergency-management-degree.org/faq/what-emergency-management-jobs-are-available-with-the-national-weather-service/ Is this even remotely true? Are there actually job opportunities at NWS weather forecast offices for people who aren't fully degreed mets? I just wasn't aware of this until now, and I'm a bit skeptical. I would be MORE than happy to work along side meteorologists even if I'll never be one myself. So the supposed available positions for someone like myself are IT, meteorological technician, electronic technician, and office director (what?!). I'd think that if there is any route that would be remotely hopeful for me, it would be IT due to the fact that there is always some demand for that. Electronic technician also has my interest piqued. On the other hand, I'm very skeptical about the whole meteorological technician thing. That sounds like a position that isn't actually ever filled, or isn't anymore. I would think that the NWS would just hire already degreed meteorologists to do the meteorological tech stuff via some additional on-site training, especially given the funding issues. Another idea I had was county emergency management, as I know that they assist the NWS with storm surveys at times. That's just such a specific thing though, and an Emergency/Disaster Management degree is very broad and could land me somewhere else entirely. The last thing I want to cover is this: http://distance.msstate.edu/geosciences/bomp/program_structure MSU's "Bachelor of Science in Geosciences: Concentration in Broadcast & Operational Meteorology" program. No higher math, so I can get through it no problem. But my question is, would completing this be of any use to me whatsoever in terms of employment? It might look nice on my resume, but would it be able to do anything for me besides land me a broadcast/TV job? Anyway sorry about the wall of text, and any advice and answers to these questions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  6. Ocoee, TN tornado has been rated EF3. Edit: Ider, AL tornado rated EF3 as well.
  7. Still on the ground. TDS approaching Roebuck.
  8. Ider/Rosalie, AL:
  9. Ocoee, TN: Athens, TN:
  10. Injuries being reported near Ider.
  11. TDS near Niota, TN as well. This looks to be a fairy nasty nocturnal tornado outbreak in progress.
  12. Significant TDS passing over the northern fringes of Brilliant right now. Not good. I'm also becoming very concerned about the Brooksville, MS cell.
  13. Yes. Has a debris ball on it now and is looking very impressive.
  14. Brilliant is in trouble right now. Also likely a TOG near Ider as well.
  15. Very impressive signature and possible debris ball near Morton, MS.