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  1. NoDoppler4TnySandz

    Let's Talk Winter!!

    Hey Guys-- greetings of the season! I have been lurking so far this winter, not posting....good to see all the usual members. Curious about timing...is the Euro any quicker with the onset of precip from the GFS or FVGFS (forget the ICON for now).... seemed like the weekend event didn't get going until 4 AM Sat or later for the OH crew? I am actually driving later Friday/early Saturday...from MO to CVG....been feeling pretty good about staying in front of the weather for the most part..with warmer temps and timing - to my destination several hours in advance of the precip onset. Was curious if anyone saw anything different on the timing.
  2. NoDoppler4TnySandz

    November 15-16 Storm Potential

    .3 of an inch of ice in SE Cincy this morning (mostly trees and elevated surfaces --- power outages exceeded 100k at it's peak with close to 1000 outage locations. Might just get a nice dusting this evening from the "Reach Around"-- Interesting start to the season indeed.
  3. NoDoppler4TnySandz

    2018 Short to Medium Range Severe Thread

    Not seeing anything on ILN or in media....any additional information on this? That line that developed back that way popped up out of nowhere on the east side of Cincy too....kinda weird, more about heavy rain but the wind started howling at one point....I looked at the radar an hour earlier and all the storms had dissipated from the evening round...then an hour later...boom!
  4. NoDoppler4TnySandz

    Apr. 2-4 Severe Threat

    Cincy heating up indeed -- pushing mid 70s (car thermometer) but the clouds are starting to fill in over the sun shine.....
  5. NoDoppler4TnySandz

    March 23-24 Winter Storm

    Question - 10:1 ratios ambitious for this set up? Asking more in regards to the daytime hours tomorrow here in the southern part of the sub-forum.
  6. NoDoppler4TnySandz

    March 23-24 Winter Storm

    For goodness sakes, supposed to depart CVG around 4 PM Sat for the Keys.....and the storm of the decade (for CVG at least) is potentially on the horizon...where is that northward shift?
  7. NoDoppler4TnySandz

    February 2018 Discussion

  8. NoDoppler4TnySandz

    February 2018 Discussion

    Cincy hit 70 yesterday... man is it soggy...and I just looked at the 06 GFS thru 240, going to need a boat if that verifies, heck half that amount
  9. NoDoppler4TnySandz

    Let's Talk Winter!!

    Glad to see it worked out for CMH-East.... any reports from Coshocton? I can't recall how far Apple Valley (nice golf) but I recall it being 15-20 miles? Anyway-- solid glaze in SE Cincy--- my 15 mile commute to the w/nw saw varied conditions trending more towards sleet...another 6 miles to the north in Butler County-- 3-4" of snow; I have heard Springboro got a solid hit. Angry called the drunkeness of the 18z NAMs ---- though the 3k depicted the ice line well. Oh well...on to 40's and rain.
  10. NoDoppler4TnySandz

    Let's Talk Winter!!

    Looks like the NAM is trending colder in the mid levels thus easing up on the Frzng Rain and delivering more snow. At least there is a favorable trend--- the 06z and 12z had much more Frz Rain for SW Ohio.
  11. NoDoppler4TnySandz

    Let's Talk Winter!!

    Good luck guys-- looks like an inch and a half of slop in SE Hamilton County....better odds of accumulation in N/NW Cincy. Hoping for a little extra punch of cold air through the column...someone said it on here-- "you have to smell the rain, to get the heavy snow".....not liking the NAM depiction of ice....will see what the 12 z says
  12. NoDoppler4TnySandz

    Winter 2017-18 Medium/Long Range Disco

    "AngrySummons" will bash me for being a sucker but what the heck...the trend of 120--240hrs being so far off has to break sooner or later. Sign me up for the last two GFS runs in the next 10days for SW Ohio...it seems to me these types of wave scenarios often surprise when they aren't showing it ...meaning right now, looks like the Tues/Weds (second wave) has very nice potential but it may end up the first round (Sat/Sun) which turns out to be the bigger event (FWIW). Something to track, another likely disappointment...keeping the dream alive.
  13. NoDoppler4TnySandz

    Winter 2017-18 Medium/Long Range Disco

    Enjoying the relaxed pattern ATM---- starting to get really interested in the repeated signal at the beginning of the month; just looked at 0z GFS this morning and first thought was damn, wish I would have seen that sooner FMBY.....WHOA!?!?! Guess I am sucked back into this url
  14. NoDoppler4TnySandz

    January 11-13 Winter Storm

    And I know all my Buckeye brothers understand what I am talking about, particularly those not in the Northern sections of the state.
  15. NoDoppler4TnySandz

    January 11-13 Winter Storm

    That ILN map is fine by me...given how last year went and the misses to the SE.... I am talking freakin' GA/SC....this year. I'll take what I can get. Re: Winter in SW Ohio, if you want snow, you take what you can get. And the weenie in me likes the side we are on with the NAM given recent past performance...maybe not the 15", it's always over-juiced, but can I get 5 instead of 3? Here's to hoping.