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  1. Can we wishcast and suggest it will follow the snowpack from the current system south of the map above? Please? Need some help down call....1' + of rain
  2. Even down here by the river...."Southtown"'s snowing!
  3. Fluffy dusting down here this morning....should qualify as a trace...not sure if KCVG saw the same. LOL! Pattern has to flip at some point...Down here, Feb is our snowiest month. I can take that without the brutal cold that Jan can produce....... I know the lack of snow is frustrating...but at least it's not the cold is too strong and the storm tracks are south-- that's the worst.
  4. Lock it in....guaranteed to verify (LMAO)-- such is the life we live during winter, here in Ohio! The irony is spot on that you can't help but laugh; particularly with Buckeyes one is better at getting kicked when they are down than this part of the sub-forum.
  5. That's rip city right there-- and the photo never does it justice. Looks like 500-750 ft visibility --- ??? Coming down there...
  6. These really cold patterns have a tendency to produce surprises from time to time-- don't need a lot of qpf to squeeze out something noticeable.... I am more curious on the Thursday PM/Night chances....even ILN is referencing a couple of inches for my local forecast-- which is not typically characteristic 24+hours out....
  7. Thanks for sharing...will keep it refreshed for sure! I bought some steaks yesterday in the rush to grocery....I run my grill year round....not saying it's for sure, but it is a possibility.
  8. The deform band is going to be impressive wherever it gets going and can last the longest...sometime this afternoon/'s going to be rip city of last nights models it looked like it could have been around here ..... SE Cincy...the models have shown the band over muti model suites at various times, from S Central Indiana- E of Cincy...up through Columbus...the rates should be intense. I still like the cold winning at some point-- backside accumulations have been good down here, this year- that's different from previous years IMO -- the qpf/lift was gone by the time the cold air came. Let the frustration go and enjoy this powerful least down here...3-5" events aren't easy to come by....particularly if its dumped in a compressed period of time.
  9. Oh yeah...that 9 would be right about IMBY here in SE Cincy-- love the thought of that deformation band thump to get us there.........please, godfater....please be right ....we have been so good...
  10. Well someone said it years ago...can't remember if it was on AmericanWx or a local board down here....."sometimes you have to smell the rain, to get the heavy snow" Nonetheless, this sure beats what we had in was so quiet I thought Buckeye may have been vaporized by crickets
  11. Guys--- if I were in CMH or vicinity-- you have like where you are sitting and the trends of recent....
  12. And heck, I am still optimistic to get several quality inches out of this...and we are slop central as that suggested sub forum for SDF-PIT....boy, talk about a miserable thread....we get screwed so bad, you would need some meds if you dared to participate.
  13. This has been my thoughts all day too--- weren't the 12z runs the first to really sample? Or am I wrong on this...if just one run...let's roll trhu a couple of runs before we set things as all she wrote.
  14. Hey Guys-- greetings of the season! I have been lurking so far this winter, not posting....good to see all the usual members. Curious about the Euro any quicker with the onset of precip from the GFS or FVGFS (forget the ICON for now).... seemed like the weekend event didn't get going until 4 AM Sat or later for the OH crew? I am actually driving later Friday/early Saturday...from MO to CVG....been feeling pretty good about staying in front of the weather for the most part..with warmer temps and timing - to my destination several hours in advance of the precip onset. Was curious if anyone saw anything different on the timing.
  15. .3 of an inch of ice in SE Cincy this morning (mostly trees and elevated surfaces --- power outages exceeded 100k at it's peak with close to 1000 outage locations. Might just get a nice dusting this evening from the "Reach Around"-- Interesting start to the season indeed.