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  1. Downtown Pensacola is getting some pretty intense eyewall winds right now. https://www.wkrg.com/live-stream/
  2. One of the scariest nights of my life. The only time I've ever actually bailed south in my car to get out of the path.
  3. Seeing pictures of fairly substantial structural damage in Bowie, TX including roof and exterior wall loss. Also hearing reports of mobile homes completely destroyed in town. Not good.
  4. That's actually a fairly intense couplet near Clayton, OK. Wouldn't be surprised if that put down a substantial tornado.
  5. TDS there. Moving through the Jackson, MS suburbs.
  6. That one likely put down a tornado near Bunkie, LA.
  7. Northern cells are going now too. Just keeps getting crazier!
  8. I'm surprised they didn't get dragged through the mud after that. Nobody really talked about it afterward.
  9. Yes. Was a s***show. Anyway enough on that didn't mean to derail the thread.
  10. This was bad, but not as bad as FFC on Easter. Counted at least THREE unwarned TDSs that lasted multiple scans in their forecast area during that event. Was awful. Edit:FFC not FCC lol
  11. This is giving FCC's incompetence during the Easter Outbreak a run for its money. Edit: Neve rmind, they finally warned. Too late though.
  12. That warning box needs to be extended east. New circulation is taking over.
  13. Circulation trying to get going to the north of the old one.
  14. It has cycled multiple times...the next state over is Mississippi.... Might want to watch throwing that insult around if it better applies to you.
  15. TDS is gone now, and velocity signature has fallen apart. Doubt anything is on the ground at this point.
  16. Watching it on Brett's cam. I don't see anything.
  17. Velocity looks a little better now per the latest scan. It's still trying.. Cell near Montgomery, AL may be worth watching as well.
  18. That is not a tornadic signature, let alone a strong one.
  19. Getting closer and closer to the EF5 threshold. This is getting interesting. Edit: Nevermind, I think they are finalizing as high-end EF4. Still extremely impressive though.
  20. From what I've heard, JAN is considering going even higher than that, and that is why finalization of the survey is taking forever. Not guaranteed by any stretch of the imagination, but it is being considered. I mean seeing stuff like the pic below, I can certainly see why...
  21. Holy crap. That first pic. That is some of the most high-end tree damage I have ever seen photographed.
  22. I can't elaborate on much right now, but from the info I have, there is some very interesting stuff going on behind the scenes at JAN regarding the final rating. All I can say for now.