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  1. Took me an hour and 10 minutes to get from Rockaway boro to MacArthur Blvd. 46 E, 287 N, 202 N all a mess.
  2. Just had a huge thunder. Is thundersleet an official term? Cause that's what I have right now.. with some gusts Rockaway boro.. Just 500 ft ASL
  3. KrazyKeyur

    December 9th 2017 Crusha or brusha?

    It's been a long time since last snow. I want a crusha damnit! #weenieModeON
  4. KrazyKeyur

    April 2016 discussion/obs

    Very light flurries currently in Mahwah
  5. KrazyKeyur

    March 2016 Forecasts, Disco

    KMMU 07:45 - 39°F 08:45 - 46°F 09:45 - 57°F 10:45 - 66°F 11:45 - 75°F
  6. KrazyKeyur

    Feb 23-24 Snow/Mix/rain OBS

    Flurries in Rockaway Boro
  7. KrazyKeyur

    February 2016 Forecasts/Disco/Obs

    Flurries have commenced in Rockaway Boro..
  8. KrazyKeyur

    Friday 2/5 Coastal Storm Obs/Discussion Thread

    Just drove from Rockaway Boro to Mahwah.. heavy snow while on 80 and 287 but felt lighter driving up 202 from Oakland to Mahwah..
  9. As a non-weather person who's interested in models, I do have this question for you fine folks: Why are the local NOAA offices (both Mt Holly and Upton), with their 9:30 updates to the point/click weather, still saying only about 7-ish inches for my area (Rockaway, Morris County) and 6-ish inches for Mahwah,NJ area even though all these newer model updates are spewing much more than that amount?
  10. KrazyKeyur

    Time for Predictions

    Precautions: get that milk and bread everybody.. get that milk and bread.
  11. Was snowing moderately when driving between Rockaway Borough and Parsippany on 46.. and started decreasing after I got on 287 North. Pretty much no snow after I passed Boonton.. and not much at all on ground up here in Mahwah.
  12. KrazyKeyur

    Feb. 16th 2003

    Freshmen year of college. Couple people jumped from second floor windows in my dorm (Mattia.. Rutgers New Brunswick Busch campus) on to the snow pile below.
  13. KrazyKeyur


    I could feel my nose freezing from the inside here at Lake Hiawatha/Parsippany.