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  1. Nice tstorm, gusty winds gust up to about 35-40, maybe a gust to near 50, prolific lightening, knocked power out for a minute or two. I rate a tad above average tstorm. Low end Warning verified imho.
  2. I fall into this trap every year, open the pool early, surely this will be the year 90s return in may.... Enjoying my one pool day in May. Maybe I get another tomorrow...Then lights out for a while...temp 84, cocktail is cold and alcoholic....
  3. My investment...ok folly, of installing an inground pool 7 years ago might actually payoff this year....it better be hot and sunny this summer, so far, not so much..... I can't wait to do video conference calls while floating in my pool...#winning....until I drop the phone in the drink.....
  4. Same, my son is totally bummed. Will be interesting to see how if they open community pools.
  5. kinda like all the long range winter threads this year....at least we are consistent!
  6. Am I the only one that read this like you were talking about your BM’s, in referencing H2Os comment? ..fine, easy and quick...
  7. Full sun, not a cloud in the sky, went from 58 to 67 in like 15 minutes
  8. Massive fire on route one in Alexandria section of Fairfax county. Smoke showing up well on radar.
  9. Please let us know when it's safe to start talking about PD3....
  10. Nice and snowy up here in Canaan Valley, yeah snow. About an inch, 26 degrees. Whole different and wonderful world up here!
  11. Hoping for the best. I would be happy with 1-2 at this point.
  12. This Winter Sucks! Even Canaan Valley, WV is brown!
  13. Happy January 25th day everyone! Proof that miracles sometimes do happen! Just not lately! http://voices.washingtonpost.com/capitalweathergang/2010/01/major_snowstorm_ambushes_washi.html
  14. Thanks! Love how the latest Euro gives Canaan the deep purple! Through Late Monday.
  15. Me Too! If I get snow in Canaan I am good with this dumpster fire of a winter! If it can’t snow there it can’t snow anywhere! Hopefully this storms winds up and we get favorable lake effect. I am there sat to to Tuesday
  16. Interesting clouds, almost lenticular which would be very rare around here. Taken from the Woodrow Wilson bridge looking south! Wow, I am looking at clouds I am so bored with the weather
  17. Wow, you got about 200% of what I did. Slight coating, road and sidewalks just wet. Glad I didn't get up early to watch the "show"
  18. Stuff building back near Culpepper, let’s see what that does!
  19. Yep sure did....but here comes the backside! Beggars can’t be choosers I guess. Got to go through some nice yellows first!
  20. Legit snow now, all is not lost! Lots of yellows to the west!
  21. If I stare really hard, I might see white rain...
  22. Love being under yellows, and getting rained on! Home now, temp 38
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