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  1. I can’t believe it roads have caved!!!this is amazing!
  2. I can’t believe I am on the board, in November. . 5 inches and pouring fatties amazing!
  3. BWI : 44.9 DCA : 35.7  IAD : 47.5 RIC : 14.3  Tie Breaker - SBY: 14.2
  4. 2.7 inches of rain today, constant rumbling of thunder since about 630, nice parting shot by Michael
  5. 2.76” thus far. Dewatering the pool in progress before overflow...it’s gonna be one of those weeks...like we had in June.
  6. Must be cloud to cloud, don’t see any hits nearby on the lightening tracker.
  7. Tiny T shower overhead now but impressive amount of lighting with this little bugger.
  8. 1.7 in in last 40 minutes. With this cell down here.
  9. Pouring Sn+ now. Best rates of the day so far
  10. Parachutes inbound, beautiful 3 miles n of my. Vernon
  11. Light snow, flakes increasing in quality and quantity down by Mount Vernon
  12. It’s awesome when the big Guns show up to your sub forum to party before a storm. HM, saw weathafella dropped in last night, if we could get Typhon Tip too that would be awesome. Didn’t Kocin drop in at eastern during 2010 at some point?
  13. Yes, dc, md and va can handle this pretty well, as long as everyone doesn’t get on the roads at the same time as the heavy snow starts, it’s happened and it has shut down the city. Hopefully schools and the gov shut down.
  14. It’s going to be a riot in here when the euro comes in as 33 and rain region wide
  15. So we looking at a Monday-Tuesday storm window, Tuesday-Wednesday, or Wednesday-Thursday? Selfish reason I have a flight on Thursday at 1 from dca. I know I know there is a ton up In The air, but if we get walloped I need to start thinking of plan b, c and d. If it happens looks like a late Tuesday to late Wednesday dealio. I have to be in Florida NLT Friday evening and I don’t trust the airlines, even when it’s sunny. Thoughts?
  16. Spitting mangled flakes here as I finish off the last of my Christmas port. Appropriate way to end winter.
  17. Reap everyone in the Mid Atlantic sub forum before Sunday, top the knickerbocker storm or bust!
  18. Weenie handbook play #97, start a new thread to exercise the demons of this one.....Sorry StormTracker....desperate times.....
  19. No need to read model play by play, this is all you need to see
  20. If our vort comes in around western or central MT, then game on happy hour, if it’s in ND it will be sad hour, we should know shortly
  21. Big tree down in someone’s back yard, just south of old town on GW parkway. Couple feet to the right ant that house would be toast.
  22. Cool place and great beers and food. Turned out I chased to jackpotville, easily 2-3 inches when I left.
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