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  1. Good stuff, pouring down snow. Snow globe stuff, keep shaking!
  2. Looks like last year when the blizzard was starting up, but instead of 24 hours of enjoyment, I will take my 24 minutes this year and like it.
  3. steady --sn. If you squint really hard and use your imagination its -sn
  4. Seeing some flakes, very small, about 4 per minute, lol, around Springfield area.
  5. Hurricane Alex last year formed in mid January, definitely not impossible.
  6. Nice flurry, 30 seconds of snow tv.
  7. Lived in Atlanta at the time of the superstorm, Winter storm Warning to Heavy Snow Warning to Blizzard Warning. Maybe the only time Blizzard warnings in Atlanta. Nice page below. http://www.weather.gov/ilm/Superstorm93
  8. BWI: 29.4 DCA: 22.8 IAD: 31.2 RIC: 9.8 Tiebreaker: -1.3
  9. The band right down the Potomac is no joke! Zero visibility, just complete obliteration.
  10. Getting destroyed, 2 in/hr at least. Can barely see across the street.
  11. Ripping right now, almost true blizzard conditions with vis down to zero with strong gusts!
  12. Yeah. We got the opposite of the death band! We will call it the dearth band. Seems to be getting squeezed from north and south though, we will see.
  13. Rippin horizontal snow. Most blizzardly conditions right now.
  14. Just getting destroyed. Hard to see street light a 100 yards away. House is shaking in the wind.
  15. Wow viz down to 200 yards. Wind howling. This band means bizness
  16. 50 50 snow sleet. Hopefully sleet is going away
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