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  1. Nick just ran through a low hanging wire on I-10 - must have taken out his roof instruments.
  2. Nick Busby on Live Storm Chasing is approaching the eye from the West. I guess he 'eye-wall punched.'
  3. Brandon Copic's stream on Live Storm Chasing is pretty good - pretty sure he is right inside from where TWC was live on air with Stephanie.
  4. The Madill tornado continues to just mesmerize me - looking at damage today is pretty crazy. It looks like it just exploded in intensity within about 5-10 seconds.
  5. Cloud tops near AL/MS border have been halted at around 32,000 feet the last couple hours. Within the last 15 minutes, cloud tops finally breaking through up to 39,000 ft. Edit: And now SVR warned.
  6. Hard to tell, but latest GOES-16 may be showing some overshooting tops near the border of MS/AL near Philadelphia, MS. Edit: And...they hit a wall.
  7. SVR Warned Cell north of Altus has the 'Flying Eagle' look that always seems to show up with isolated TOR cells. Will be interested in seeing how it evolves.
  8. We've got sisters. Sorry, watched Twister with the kids today. But, that's what it looks like to me.
  9. New cluster of surfaced based supercells have exploded on the SW border of MS in the last 30 minutes.
  10. Hattiesburg could be under the gun in a couple hours. That cell on the MS/LA border looks potent. If you look at GOES-16, three storm cells on the SW border of MS and LA show pretty explosive over the last 30 minutes.
  11. That's pretty crazy... starting on 4/27 there are like 5-6 days in a row. Of course it's la la land range, like you said, but maybe it indicates at least a potential upward trend in plains activity towards the end of April.
  12. It was really interesting to watch the QLCS in South Carolina this morning. Have friends in Greenville so was pinging them in advance of TOR warnings letting them know. At or immediately after Seneca, storm motions were 75mph! I've rarely ever seen an EF-3 tornado moving that fast. Greenville On-Air Mets were having a tough time keeping up. Corellation Coefficient probably saved a lot of lives last night... I just can't remember ever seeing so many clear debris signatures on radar besides 4/27/11. Normally you get some light greens/yellows and maybe a little blue for a scan. We saw so many wide blue dots... It just didn't stop. Here in Woodstock, GA, the QLCS actually didn't churn out a Tornado. Most of North Metro ATL was really spared, and that's one uplifting thing we can take from this very interesting, but tragic event. One side note, I do think they issued the larger TOR watch for Georgia too late. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  13. I really wish metro ATL and more of the northern ATL suburbs would have been placed under a Tornado Watch prior to the 11PM news cycle. Folks are going to go to bed tonight not even knowing about the Tornado Watch that's likely inbound. Hopefully they've been paying attention, but I wish they would have pulled the trigger by now.
  14. Cell tops in SW MS are now > 40,000 feet.
  15. Didn't expect to see a complete break in the clouds in extreme SW MS in just a couple frames on GOES-16, but there it is. Looks like overshooting tops on visible surround this little clear blob. Wonder if the CAP eroded.