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  1. I’ll take the 3” and be happy. Disappointed? A bit but it is what it is. On to Friday (hopefully)
  2. My cousins up in central NJ ended up with 12” despite a 1-3” forecast. Fuckers.
  3. North of the cities? Lol. Thats a lot of us. I’ll be above your 1-2” call by 1:30 at this rate. Just enjoy the snow man.
  4. Yikes. That’s rough for sure. Used to happen a ton where I lived up in the Hudson Valley as well. Particularly during nor’easters and dynamic NS driven storms. Middletown to Goshen always seemed to be in the sweet spot but there’d be areas JUST north of us who’d see nearly half our totals because they’d get stuck in sinking air for long durations. This hobby is not for the faint hearted lol
  5. Radar does seem to look a tad better now that things are moving east of the mountains. Let’s get it!!! Should be fun through 3-4am
  6. Central MD smash coming soon Also.. fucking Harrisburg and points just east. That band hasn’t moved Edit — ninjad by Chris
  7. You? Worried about worst case? Never lmao. You’ll get yours!
  8. Looking at orientation / trajectory of precip, I’d say look out Frederick Carroll NW HoCo/MoCo by 1230-1am. Those dark greens near Winchester are headed right this way.
  9. That northern band over Harrisburg already means business
  10. Jesus. Look at the radar and what’s in front of us. Obsessing over models right now is wild.
  11. West Virginia looks like it’s gonna get boned.
  12. All good, the euro just dumped a foot and a half out that way for the 23rd threat lmao
  13. If they show the same thing under 3 hours from lead time, I’ll worry.
  14. Usually a bit drier than higher res models so I’d agree this looks pretty good. Bump precip by 0.1 and it’s a solid 4-6” storm for many. Also, ratios will best 10:1 at the peak from your area to mine to PSUs
  15. Agree with this for sure. Your 4-8” line runs through my backyard essentially. Thinking 4-6 my area, 4-8” your area., and 2-5” points south toward dc
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