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  1. It’s sad this is what our winters have come too...
  2. Or our dewpoint stuck at where they are? Or will they continue to drop once the sunsets?
  3. Yep not going to get it done around the hickory area... still sticking to my gut pretty much a 33/rain event just south of hickory to state line
  4. Are DP’s going to continue to drop throughout the day?
  5. Another 33-35 and rain for Western NC... Good luck to Northern NC Southern VA
  6. Probably what it will end up being. Another 33-35 and rain for most. Maybe another decent ice event towards the NC/VA line but a cold miserable rain for most
  7. I’ve been thinking the same thing. Going to be a hard pill to swallow if we day after day of rain and artic air lurking just to our west...
  8. A lot will change in the coming days... probably not be as severe as showing now the closer we get to the event.. time will tell
  9. Is this for the Thur night/Friday event?
  10. At this point I think most of us would be happy with a good dusting
  11. That’s no good... Looks like it should be snowing good up that way by looking at radar... Not promising for me in Cleveland county
  12. What’s going on under those returns in Morganton and Lenoir? It’s been sitting over them and back building for an hour or more
  13. Hoping that band makes it to Cleveland County. It will probably fall apart as it comes south
  14. Anybody around Marion seeing any flakes out of the returns over you?
  15. Majority of us probably see 33-35 and rain. Good luck to the Mountain Folk! Hopefully they can hold onto snow and avoid a major ice storm