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  1. Anyone heard any reports of how conditions are right along the coastline? Winds, rain, coastal flooding etc?
  2. We should all meet and go scout places to “dive”
  3. No we will not have ice Friday morning
  4. When the cold air arrives it will shut off. Shouldn’t be long now!
  5. Waiting on a thread to be made about tonight’s “ice storm”
  6. I think we all know how this will probably play out, 35-36 and rain, warming up pretty quick as the day wears on... these events are fun to track and watch model runs but we all know how it usually works out in the end
  7. With tempS being 5-10 below forecast today change the forecast any for tonight?
  8. What times does the snow start for piedmont?
  9. Do upper air temps support snow?
  10. If this snow developes tonight will temps support further accumulations?
  11. Anyone else noticed the big line of storms that has formed in the gulf? Is this what we don’t want to see happening at this point?
  12. So you think even in the piedmont and foothills we will still see the winds... all but calm here now