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  1. With tempS being 5-10 below forecast today change the forecast any for tonight?
  2. What times does the snow start for piedmont?
  3. Do upper air temps support snow?
  4. If this snow developes tonight will temps support further accumulations?
  5. Anyone else noticed the big line of storms that has formed in the gulf? Is this what we don’t want to see happening at this point?
  6. So you think even in the piedmont and foothills we will still see the winds... all but calm here now
  7. Still appears due north to me
  8. When should we have an idea of how much of a NE turn this storm makes? Would mean HUGE implications for piedmont of NC if it was later making the turn
  9. I was just thinking the same thing... don’t see it turning quite as hard as projected... either way this storm is a monster and nothing to be taken lightly... I think inland winds will be much more of an issue even into the Carolinas
  10. Yea man I'm with you.. I live in the upper end and in already 32
  11. Anybody else seem concerned that it looks like the main precip shield is starting to fall apart in Eastern TN?
  12. Any chance we get to freezing tonight? I have gone from 38 to 33 here in Cleveland County
  13. Any of the returns reaching the ground around Atlanta?
  14. Was the gulf states supposed to be as active tonight as it shows on radar? If not, that could bode well for us in NC/SC. The radar looks really good to me... Maybe it will all dry up but it's hard to imagine we don't get at least something!