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  1. Love the look of closing off 500 as the ULL tracks through the region...obviously still too early to determine where the track will be but it's a great signal. Also, it's a marginal airmass ahead of it but thankfully it isn't too crazy warm. maybe a few degrees C? PWATS approaching 1'' too in within the inflow of warm air...plenty of moisture to work with should that signal hold.
  2. As we make strides towards the second half of winter that means spring is right around the corner!!! This is usually a great opportunity to start shifting the brain towards convective forecasting. Great time to discuss previous events and start throwing out ideas on how the global pattern may evolve as we move through spring. This May is extra special as I am likely going to go tornado chasing out west for the first time ever!!!! But with that said...can't lose focus on our severe season as once the Plains season winds down we quickly ramp up. 102 Days to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. 12z GFS for BDL First time seeing some -20 ub/s pop up.
  4. I wonder if the higher end of the range is moreso to cover for the potential that some localized (though maybe slightly more than just localized) areas see totals towards that end. There are going to be some embedded pockets of some pretty intense lift so there will be places that pull of 7'' to 8'' and that might be a bit more than just least enough so to warrant incorporating a range to include those totals.
  5. Thought it was pretty locked in even two days ago mixing was not going to be an issue
  6. I won't mind that really...I work at the coast anyways so I would have to drive lol. But now I'm finally at a point to where I can get out west and catch some real t'storms
  7. Branford. I can always go stay with my aunt in Windsor Locks during the good snow events How is the mill rate? When I moved from West Hartford to Windsor Locks my car insurance dropped like $50 a month or something. windsor Locks I think has 4th lowest mill rate. A friend of mine from school is looking to buy a house and myself and another friend would essentially rent out rooms..but I'm fine with sacrificing some snow. I'm not a fan of driving in that type of weather anyways...heck, I hate driving in rain when it's dark. I can't see at all
  8. Best Taylor Swift song and one of the greatest songs of all time
  9. eliminating the cuteness beginning today! When did you move to Milford? I'm actually aiming to move down there sometime in the spring. Can't wait...only a 20-minute commute to work as opposed to an hour
  10. I am going to make some slight adjustments such as bringing the 3-6'' farther south and just put a 1-3'' along immediate shoreline
  11. It was a crazy year in terms of weather for sure...Also had the June 1 severe weather outbreak But Boxing Day...dark memory for me...I was in a horrific spot. I was pissed.
  12. I hope alex cora steals your snow
  13. I think the cobb ratio is something that is more relevant to the mid-west than here...uses a higher avg ratio or something
  14. Yeah I should start doing that more...1-3'' going into the 3-6'' range would be more than ideal here. I don't get why I like to get too cute with it. I think it's more to illustrate gradients and such perhaps. But I'm going to start canning this...unless of course it was a situation which really warranted it.
  15. maybe a product of QPF...gotta keep in mind those things are using a baseline of 10:1 ratios...and ratios here I'm pretty certain will exceed 10:1. As much as i hate the snowfall maps when I saw they were spitting out 2-3'' on 10:1 ratios I felt pretty good about going 3-6'' as I felt ratios may be more 13:1 to 15:1
  16. At this time don't see any need to make adjustments from this. Did receive a comment yesterday that I am probably too cute with southern CT there...which I am. Sometimes I like to be cute though. I always just feel though coastal CT somehow always finds a way to flip in these setups. Could have just moved the 3-6'' line farther south and then have a 1-3'' shading
  17. 20:1 don't think is happening but I think 15:1 is doable
  18. I think what's going on regarding seasonal snow totals and the NAO is as the data set becomes larger the correlation begins to weaken and the correlation to -NAO and snow may not be what is was thought the past few decades...the same goes with ENSO phase. Over the past decade or so we're learning a specific phase doesn't necessarily hold a correlation...I remember even in the mid-to-late 2000's the notion was that a weak La Nina meant big snows in New England...not necessarily the case. It's more about structure, placement, and short-scale changes within the oscillations. For example, you can have an overall long-term pattern which sucks...but within that overall pattern regime you can have periods where that relaxes and cards align and you can get slammed. A lot of these connections are also established based on correlations to "major" or "significant" events...which leaves out alot of other data or samples. This is why I hate how alot of indices are measured by a whatever average...this doesn't truly capture those very short-lived abrupt flips and it's those periods which are going to produce some type of weather.
  19. b/c it's a ridiculous method designed to enhance the wet dreams of weenies. yeah let's multiply a snowfall ratio by model QPF and call it a snow forecast....woohoooooo
  20. GFS for BDL. That's a pretty good period of moderate-to-heavy snow for sure
  21. It's the equivalent to spring training or training up the mindset towards severe and and discussing past events (this is the practice) to fine tune skills before the season starts