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  1. 1 hour ago, BristowWx said:

    It would be nice if we all could get a storm north to south.  But what is good for some us is not for others.  One thing I noticed on the 500 plot for 6z op was the flat look.  Have to wonder if the strong push from north is shearing the first wave.  My gut tells me a south solution vice wound up cutter is more likely.  Anyone's guess now. 12z runs will be interesting 

    Not pick on you specifically, BristowWx, because many posts point to the same sentiment, but does anyone ever say the opposite of your bolded statement before the next iteration arrives?  For instance, "00z runs will be boring."  We always look expectantly for the next set of model runs, and they are always eagerly anticipated.  It is only after they arrive that we decide whether we want to put more or less weight on that particular run depending on whether the outcome is favorable to our desired solutions.  Anyway, I read that same statement multiple times prior to each potential storm during the winter, and I always find it rather funny.

  2. Not sure why we can't discuss why the upcoming pattern doesn't look good in the long range thread? That thread is only reserved for positive talk about winter weather I guess...

    Not true. Your solid analysis is quite welcome there, burrel. Others' unfounded prognostications are not.

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  3. 11 hours ago, Cold Rain said:

    There is virtually no reason to think we will end up with anything other than a warmer than normal winter this year.  Every hint of cold we see gets soon replaced with moderation and a warmer look.  The warmer solutions have been much more consistent than the colder ones.  But, that said, we still gotta play the game.  We'll see....

    Booooooo!  Boo, I say.  Don't bring that negativity into our optimistic emotive gathering of like-minded individuals.  Down with you, good sir!  :bag: 



  4. So far, only 15% of the board are killsjoys when it comes to freezing rain.  The rest of us at least like a bit of it.  And over 60% of us are okay with the Armageddon scenario of no power for a week.  That's the adventurous spirit I was hoping to find here amongst my SE brethren.  :D


    BTW, we need a freezing rain emoticon of some sort.

  5. Weenie - This refers to someone prone to wild swings in emotion because of no lack of knowledge when it comes to weather. Weenies also often create totally baseless pseudo scientific reasons to back up their claims about future and present weather events. :weenie:

    I think you meant "...lack of knowledge..."

    "No lack of knowledge" would be a double negative implying they do have this weather knowledge you speak of, upon which they base their opinions.

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