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  1. Looking at the winter outlooks, it would seem that this pattern will repeat with quite a bit of frequency this winter. I'm betting I can get by with one tank of propane, so there is a silver lining.
  2. Yeah, I don’t get that, either. They should have pulled the trigger.
  3. 06Z 2/14/2019 guidance from the ICON and GFS suggest the heaviest axis of rain will be north of Atlanta. 0Z CMC was also north of Atlanta with the heaviest precip. This seems to suggest the affects on Atlanta will be marginal. Would you agree? Also, what mechanisms would be in play to drop the axis south? It seems to me that the SE ridge is depicted as strengthening through day 10. Wouldn't this push the best lift north as well? I'm thinking mild to warm with maybe up to an 1" of rain for Atlanta would be realistic in that scenario.
  4. I hate back-loaded winters. I rather have no winter.
  5. 31.6/ dp 13 Tyrone, GA. Fayette County schools closed tomorrow.
  6. Well, by the looks of things, I may not need to purchase any propane this year after all.
  7. Yep, this one is done for me, too. It was fun watching the clown maps! I'd still say it was worth it! Love all of the commenting, too. We are off to a much better winter. Cold rain is good for fires in the fireplace and hot tea, so, I'm not complaining!
  8. There is a 10% chance it won't blow.
  9. Take a good look at the 0z euro frames F168 through F240. You will see this often for the next 5 months. Merry and warm Christmas to you!
  10. This warm up is nation-wide, too. Very strange indeed.
  11. Who broke winter and replaced it with summer? Come on, fess up. It will better for you if you admit it now and not wait for me to find out later...
  12. This is a true statement. They should have been much more cautious. Snow is extremely rare at this latitude on the earth. If there is any disagreement in modeling, go with the Euro!!!