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  1. Still all sleet here at Shelley Lake, Raleigh
  2. Back to all rain here just north of North Hills in Raleigh.
  3. I just came from Falls of Neuse area which didn't have much, but by the time I got to Shelley lake lots of ice pellets. That gave way to nothing just moments later. Waiting on the next batch of precip to see what it holds. Definitely seems colder outside but don't have a gauge out to tell
  4. Really? Sleeting quite heavily just north of 440, at North Hills. (Raleigh)
  5. I wish there was an upvote system here so I could upvote you. This is hilarious!
  6. Out of curiousity, wouldn't this be a spot on hit of 30% chance of no rain?
  7. Ha! Just had to do the same thing. I have just over 2" on my back porch in SW Raleigh.
  8. Holy cow look how much that has brightened up! Still very heavy snow in SW Raleigh here, right by Gorman Street.
  9. What part of Raleigh are you in? I'm in SW Raleigh and its snowing very hard here at the moment.
  10. Ridiculously heavy snow here just inside the beltline, SW Raleigh. (Mission Valley)
  11. Snow mixing back in here in SW Raleigh, just inside the beltline.