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  1. Jan 4th Coastal Obs/Disc

    Steady light snow here in Ellicott City for the last hour and half or so. Hoping that radar starts to fill in soon Roads/cars covered
  2. February Banter Thread

    Just in case anyone wanted to stare at a white screen @ I-70 E of Fred. http://www.chart.state.md.us/video/video.php?feed=8701c10d073d000800447a45351f0214
  3. January 2016 Short Term/Obs Thread

    http://www.chart.state.md.us/video/video.php?feed=4b002ac3002700d7004b823633235daa Been steady for the last 30 mins. or so
  4. Feb 21-22 Storm Obs Thread

    Flipped back to all sleet here. 25 degrees
  5. Feb 21-22 Storm Obs Thread

    It's weird how the tiny bands in Hoco seem to be racing NNE, but the DC glob is going SE.
  6. Feb 21-22 Storm Obs Thread

    When it's not time, it is time. 23 degrees.
  7. Feb 21-22 Storm Obs Thread

    We've gotta be breaching 10 inches here. Spots with left over snow are well over a foot. Seems to be all snow, maybe 10% sleet at most. Other than the brief sleet take over or about 20mins we've been all snow.
  8. Feb 21-22 Storm Obs Thread

    Same, noticed visibility lettig up a bit but as I type this it seems intensity has increased, or gone back to all snow.
  9. Feb 21-22 Storm Obs Thread

    Also known as "orange". Seems to be all snow here still, falling moderately waiting for the heavies to come in from ze west
  10. Feb 21-22 Storm Obs Thread

    For sure, wouldnt be surprised if some places were near 8 or 9. Might be time to measure soon, other than with my eyeballs. How long you think we'll stay all snow in Central MD?
  11. Feb 21-22 Storm Obs Thread

    Definitely. Been in the yellows-oranges for close to/ over an hour with more to come. These rates will add up
  12. Feb 21-22 Storm Obs Thread

    Judging by the COD radar they seem to be over head now. Really picked up here, heavy snow for sure. http://weather.cod.edu/satrad/nexrad/index.php?type=LWX-N0Q-1-24
  13. Just put a sign outside my house "snow squalls welcome". That yellow blob can march its way right to HoCo please and thankyou. Thanks for everyone posting those cam links
  14. February 16th-17th Obs & Nowcasting

    Somewhere between 3.5-3.75. Best rates and flakes size so far. Decreasing visibility, 13 degrees. Areas with the additional Saturday snow are around 5 inches.
  15. February 16th-17th Obs & Nowcasting

    You take some really good shots, asweome photo. Getting very steady, and moderate intesity out there. Bigger flakes for sure