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  1. Shoot, a little late but here’s mine 39.267082,-76.822929 Thanks for throwing this together
  2. That’s some pretty epic sleet. Stuff could take an eye out. Piling up quickly too
  3. Nothing but light sleet in Ellicott city since the start. Somewhere under a half inch 25/24
  4. Flipped over to snow in Ellicott city in the last 5 mintues or so. Fine flakes
  5. Same here. Nervously watching the edge of precip moving through Bmore county right now. I think that might be our switchover
  6. Approaching 3” in Ellicott City. The rates and flake size under this yellow/orange band are insane!!
  7. 29/27 in Ellicott City Moderate to heavy snow for the last 20-25 minutes. Approaching 1”
  8. Oh, I’ll bet that was a good spot!! Howard county seems to have a decent amount of varying elevation. Folks down off Main St. or near Oella won’t fair nearly as well as those out off 108, Folly quarter, glen elg area etc. I’m hoping you’re right though. I’ll be happy with anything more than a few inches and some moderate/heavy snow falling
  9. Started off light in Ellicott City, quickly went from moderate to heavy in this band that’s over top currently. Exetremely low visibility at the moment Sticking mostly everywhere, roads starting to cave on edges
  10. Picked up and changed over to 100% snow here in the last 15-20 minutes. Beginning to stick on all surfaces, edges of the road. Massive flakes, moderate-heavy rates
  11. About 5 minutes up from Main Street Ellicott City Poor wording on my part, shouldn’t have said mulch was “covered”. But seems to be the only area with any stickage so far