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  1. Family in Holiday and Port Richey
  2. Might want to rethink amount of forest damage Ray. Holy crap did NS take a beating
  3. Except the tens of fake storms it generates. I mean we haven't had a tropical system but the GFS has modeled at least 4
  4. Almost all models slow to a crawl. Big water amounts now showing up.
  5. GFS all alone now with panhandle track.
  6. I would bet LF near Tampa. Euro UKMET both have best initialization
  7. GFS now capitulated to Euro. UKMET and Euro the same. Epic disaster for Tampa area on both.
  8. Euro is a beast with 2 foot rain totals as well near Tampa
  9. GFS way to fast with development. EPS into Tampa. Best bet right now is Euro Suite.
  10. It's funny all the globals have Cat 2/3 at LF while all the Hurricane models take Ian down to TS force at LF
  11. Nature handles dry better than man. Poor Stein
  12. At my wife's USA Women's senior women's softball tournament qualifiers in Middletown. Top 2 to Disney USA finals. Beautiful hiking trails here. Gorgeous COC day
  13. https://www.facebook.com/516045636/posts/pfbid02mbmdDBC2ZQtvffDf5QXxNACTB3chzUitrBQJpn6qhM5m2TtEY2dbBiFEBPw4kvyMl/
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