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  1. Per CWG's 4 pm update: " It is very unlikely, however, this event will be as intense as the destructive June 2012 derecho that swept through the region. :
  2. Sorry. Been away for awhile. Might be too late but here are my totals. 12/9/17 - 2.1" 12/30/17 - 0.3" 1/4/18 - 1.1" 1/17/18 - 0.4" 2/17/18 - 0.4" 3/21/18 - 4.5" Total - 8.8"
  3. .4" here. I hate measuring tenths of an inch... wish it were in whole inches, like 4". But I take what I get...
  4. 12/9/17 - 2.1" 12/30/17 - 0.3" 1/4/18 - 1.1" 1/17/18 - 0.4" 2/17/18 - 0.4" Total - 4.3"
  5. Not saying the sun angle has a little or a lot of influence, but it is not equivalent to mid November. Closer to October. October 26 to be precise. Day length is also pretty close to Oct. 26. Highest altitude for the two days: Feb 15, 38.6 degrees - Oct 26, 38.5 degrees. It does feel nice and warm (not toasty) when there is no wind. A month ago it didn't feel warm even without wind. A month from now it will be warm to toasty. And at 49.3 degrees.
  6. 2.6" yesterday and today. Nice for the drought. Wish it were snow
  7. Water's warm. 3 AM temp at DCA and Annapolis is 17. IAD is 7 and BWI is 8. Swim anybody?
  8. A long long time ago my father taught me that we have two ears, two eyes, and one mouth and to use them in those proportions. 7 years being a part of this community and I have listened well. Thank you for all the good (and bad) discussions on this board. MERRY CHRISTMAS to all!
  9. 2.1" National Harbor. Measured on deck in 7 different locations. Measuring on grass was impossible and I was not here most of the day so putting down a board was a no go. Beautiful for early December. No complaints at all.
  10. Wicked 10 minutes of gusty wind. DCA recorded a 48mph gust.
  11. Eyewall now crossing Marco Island. I hope everyone left that community.
  12. Dropped 4 degrees in the last hour 38 - 34. Dew thingamajiggy isn't working so no reading there.
  13. I think this says it all. As usual, excellent analysis. Thank you.