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  1. Im at 1, should join the sub-zero club soon.
  2. Looks like the GFS takes the low right up MPM's backside, good for the vermont mountains.
  3. Great night, just took the dog for a walk, snow blowing around, love it.
  4. I was in Holland ma this morning, they had all of 3, had a good foot on the ground.
  5. I grabbed a coating of graupel, little frozen balls.
  6. Got a solid coating here, snow seems to be picking up. Happy Birthday Ginxy
  7. I luckily ended up with 4", I was between the heavy bands all day but light and steady did the deed.
  8. Hows the rates under that blossoming radar in CT? I'm hoping to pick up a couple more inches tonight.
  9. Still stay light snow here, close to 2 inches, I'm in between bands, hopefully one rotates overhead before it rots.
  10. If it snows heavy the GP calls it a blizzard, I don't think most people think of it in terms of total amounts.
  11. Yes, this won't be backbusting like the last one.
  12. What did you end up with on the Hill Will?
  13. I bet someone west of Worcester hit 13 or 14", you still snowing?
  14. Gave the snowblower a good workout, my driveway has an inch of slush under the snow, I was slip sliding away
  15. snow picking back up, should break a foot here
  16. I hate being in the sweet spot on the models before the storm, usually ends up somewhere else.
  17. Some power outages here, a pole came down at the bottom of the hill near my house, they're out there now putting in a new one. The wind picked up and with the snow coming down fairly hard and the snow blowing off the trees I was 50 feet from my street and I couldn't see 10 feet in front of me, I had to wait until the gust calmed down to see. The roads are horrendous, haven't remeasured but at least 10 out there now.
  18. Almost 6" here and coming down hard, can hardly see the neighbors house 300 feet away.
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