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  1. Decent light snow here now too, I'll take an inch to whiten the brown ground.
  2. I had 20" in the January storm and the Feb blizzard amounts dwarfed it, I know their was intense drifting but there was just so much snow everywhere with huge drifts. I think officially they said 27" but it was heavy snow like Ginxy describes for hours and hours and then after a lull in the morning the bands of heavy snow as the storm finally started moving dumped quite a bit more. I still think it was over 3 feet.
  3. The other waves behind this one do look better, a super bowl weekend storm would be nice.
  4. Lake Quinsigamond Tip. Parts of Shrewsbury always seem to do well in Cad, used to work in Westborough and they do too. Not sure why.
  5. I remember the death band in that storm and I was just on the edge enough to hit 20 inches.
  6. 1995-1995 was the deepest pack I've ever had in south worc county, 02-03 was the longest pack IMBY, until I joined this board I didn't realize the wide range of variables in snow totals and pack coverage in southern New England. 2015 was a good lesson.
  7. That was Connecticut's year but no way your snowbanks were as nicely sculpted as Kevin's . I thought you guys did better in 2015 but now that I think about it 2011 had a nice snow blitz for my area too. I'm hoping Ray's second half winter shows up in February, a few good storms in February and we'll all forget about this 3 week stretch.
  8. I don't either, guys in my golf league are always drinking something different and trading beers and I'll just order my bud light and enjoy it.
  9. I'm in the 4 inch area, too busy to measure but might have got that. Real tough one to forecast.
  10. I'm going to try and go to this, looks really interesting and I can never get enough of the blizzard of 78, highlight of my weather life. Don't think it will ever be topped as the #1 weather event in my lifetime..
  11. Looks fairly active, whether anything goes in our favor remains to be seen. I like Ray's forecast, I'd be happy with a good Feb into March.
  12. It was a sticky wet snow here. The little afternoon burst put me a tad over two inches, nothing special but enjoyed it anyway.
  13. This really doesn't get going til after midnight for most of us or am I reading the time wrong?
  14. If you don't like a model run, toss it and wait for the next one, might be more to your liking
  15. GFS looks good forTues,weds for Tolland to Worcester (I'm in between).
  16. No kidding, I just dropped 12 degrees in an hour so just went through here
  17. I think the front is through Worcester and tolland right now, should come through me shortly.
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