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  1. Washington Post: "Should Reagan National (DCA) remain D.C.’s official weather station?"
  2. No way that you're in Kville... your farm in Virginia?
  3. I sure hope you're wrong about our area. Wife is on the tail end of her 2nd round of COVID.
  4. And this folks is what is known as the kiss of death. Upstate is about to get hammered!
  5. Most cane models only worry about going out 3 days for details. That's why past 3 days is hatched in the maps. Do you follow the 348 hour GFS model to plan your picnics and vacations?
  6. I doubt that an ensemble that learns from past biases is valuable anymore when the statisticians are constantly tweaking the models and their biases change
  7. I believe that he was referring to the media and not the storms
  8. A la a case of the blind squirrel finds a nut now and then
  9. I think that the NHC is between a rock and a hard place forecasting canes coming up the Florida coast. Kind of reminds me of NOAA mets trying to forecast snowstorms coming across the mountains into North Carolina. You never know which way they will bounce kind of like a pin ball machine. There's a big difference between dealing with a snowstorm vs a cat 4-5 hurricane. There were a lot of timing variables with Ian as far as that front coming down from the north not to mention land interactions. And no one, not even the blog experts, forecasted Ian strengthening the way it did once past Cuba. Once that occurred all of the dynamics surrounding Ian changed dramatically putting the NHC into doing their best to save lives and not spread needless fear. Overall, I think that they did a good job with what they had to deal with.
  10. At least he knew which way to lean into the storm. Wonder how long before one of these macho reporters gets killed by debris getting blown into them and giving them a mortal wound?
  11. Will the result of the negative surge be similar to what happened with Katrina and Lake Pontchartrain where after the storm passed the surge came back the other way with a vengeance? If so, what would the guess be as to how bad Tampa could be affected?
  12. How do you know? What are you basing this statement on?
  13. When the moon is at its full or new moon phase, high tides are at their highest, while low tides are lower than usual. Called spring tides, these tides occur when the sun, moon and the Earth all line up. Quoting eather Mike post 17 minutes after yours:
  14. I looked up the 1946 hurricane in the newspaper archives. You're not going to believe it. I'll let you read for yourselves. CLIPPED FROM Tampa Bay Times St. Petersburg, Florida 09 Oct 1946, Wed • Page 1
  15. My mom and dad moved there when my dad retired after 46 years with Sears, the last bunch being a regional manager. He did extensive interviews and research as to the safest place in Florida from hurricanes. Everyone said the Tampa area so he bought property and had a home built on the edge of Spring Hill. He chose Florida as being free from income taxes and plenty of good places to golf. Mom wasn't as happy moving from Pennsylvania and children and grandchildren.
  16. A broken clock is correct twice a day. Also a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then.
  17. A blind squirrel finds a nut now and then! A broken clock is right twice a day. etc. etc.
  18. New NOAA computers news link From the news release: Does this mean that the GFS model will be able to be wrong three times faster than before???
  19. Average southeast weather forum member's reaction if models don't go their way. And members that have been on here a while... And when everyone cashes in
  20. https://www.gifss.com/juguetes/yo-yo/yoyo.gif
  21. Talk about feast or famine. We had 3.21" on Thursday the 11th and another .50" the day before on the 10th. Daughter who lives in Wallburg managed just over a tenth over the same two days. That's about some ten to twelve miles as the crow flies from us.
  22. 29.3 at 5am. Started the sprinklers on the grapevines at 2am to protect the young shoots just coming out.
  23. 29.3 at 5am. Started the sprinklers on the grapevines at 2am to protect the young shoots just coming out.
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