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  1. Na-na-na-na, Na-na-na-na, Hey-hey, goodbye! :-/
  2. That must explain why all of the canning supplies have been bought out for the fall. Their going to be used to can this bumper seed crop.
  3. Yep, and to make it official, the radar came off its moorings and visited the site in person.
  4. Who's he??? (pure sarcasm!)
  5. Bit of an understatement. My daughter lives in Wallburg and she said that the creek below her with surrounding horse farm field was buried and hence Hwy 109 was impassable. Nearby Weather Underground PWS station showed 4.73" of rain in just over an hour and a half. Hate to think what the flood prone area in downtown Greensboro wound up with.
  6. In lieu of how SpaceX has been naming their drone ships, maybe Isaias should have been named "Watch the next 24 hours and see what materializes".
  7. I was able to get on just now
  8. Just measured exactly 3" out back here north of Kernersville, NC. Started snowing here about 2 this afternoon...Never had any rain. Picture is from my back yard at 3:45 this afternoon, a little more than an hour and a half after light fine flurries started followed by a medium steady snow.
  9. Steady light snow in Kernersville. Car temp says 40°. Never did get rain or sleet, just started as very light snow. Took off work for doctor appointment, got to doctor's and they closed at one. MIssed voice mail message as I was on road driving home.
  10. Steady light snow in Kernersville. Car temp says 40°. Never did get rain or sleet, just started as very light snow.
  11. Enjoyed this link so thought I'd share.
  12. Daniel Huffman's 2019-2020 Preliminary Winter Forecast
  13. Remember George and family at this time. Kaki was an acquaintance of my daughter during their time together at Bob Jones University. Woman killed by suspected intoxicated driver in Greenville Co. crash was GA meteorologist's daughter
  14. My wet dry vac won't help under those conditions either! :-(
  15. Hush your mouth! I don't live far from you Burnsie. So far Pine Knolls is underperforming our near neighbors but are catching up quickly over the last couple hours. We're right around 4" since the rain started.
  16. After all of the earlier monsoon rains I purchased a rectangular Rubbermaid type storage box, set it over where 95% of my water leaks in, got me a pump and float switch, and am hoping it works. Got tired of having to use the wet dry vac.
  17. How about coyotes in Wallburg? Is that close enough?
  18. High Point's WGHP's Van Denton posted his GFS model view
  19. I'll pass. 5 hour trip to Williamsburg scheduled the 26th. Otherwise I'd be in.
  20. 12" with some areas drifting up to 13+". Currently getting a wetter snow with a bit of sleet/freezing rain mixed in. Temp 29° / 28° with winds 13/20 and pressure 30.09
  21. Heavier snow last twenty minutes. 9 1/4" measured on board out back twenty minutes ago. Off Piney Grove Rd north of Kville.