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  1. Nice. I saw a lot of snowmobile tracks last couple days through fields, road crossings.
  2. Here's a time lapse I made from late Tuesday through the storm on Weds, ending Thursday night. The snow on Weds moved in quick.
  3. Raymond Pond has been trying to lock up with some ice last couple days. Probably won't fully "catch" with the warmer weather coming tomorrow.
  4. Nice. We torched to a low of 14.7f
  5. Looks like some light snow at home
  6. The view from our dinner table overlooking penobscott bay just outside camden.
  7. Farthest away from storm yet you manage decent rates/total
  8. /URL]
  9. Sitting in the bullseye atm. 10-14"
  10. Hoping to use my new cam tomorrow and assemble of a time lapse of the storm moving in.
  11. 1st sub freezing daily hi. 31.5f
  12. what's the snow depth in the 2nd pic? Shots like this make it look like 4'. lol.
  13. Any frozen ground looks to thaw by monday. 50's for mon/tues? Ugh.
  14. Coldest morning yet here. 20.3F
  15. Aspen, great place to live. I went with a Sharx cam and am very happy so far. Added some software that allows my Davis VP2 weather to overlay on image and can also assemble a bunch of images and create time lapse. Figure it would be neat especially for incoming storms. My cam updates every 15min. Will see how it all works out.
  16. Temps crashing. Down to 31.8f
  17. I want in again. Sent you a pm, thanks.
  18. So stick a fork in the friday event and now possibly Monday too? Is the cold air coming going to be sustained or is this a 1 or 2 day cold snap, then back to this early Fall like weather we're having? Getting tired of the warmth. Bring on the cold. Torched to 58F for the high.
  19. Mt Lafayette is on the bucket list for next summer as is Mt. Carrigain. We always seem to gravitate towards the Crawford Notch area, but there's so much more just a bit west.
  20. Our coldest was saturday night (27F), but did not have a hard frost. Grass is still pretty green although not growing any more.