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  1. I was just reading the last page and it sounded like it was OTS. My bad.
  2. Pretty sure we had a couple small frost quakes last night. Woke up and decided it probably was best not to venture out on the sled alone and opted to come to work.
  3. Be pretty funny the pattern flips soon and we go high and dry rest of winter. Early spring to boot. Possible?
  4. Todd gutner saying 6"+ possible.
  5. This. Plus this last one stung a bit. Tied for last year up to this point.
  6. I'm sure I'll be in the screw zone
  7. Not a good sign to be in jackpot this early
  8. We've been going through 10lb bags one per week. Birds are chowing.
  9. Would like to snowmobile tomorrow but not sure about riding alone with sub zero temps and wind. Could always go to work
  10. I'll just go ahead and congratulate bos now on the next event
  11. Sucks, but we all have a bunch of snow now. Plenty for snowmobiling, skiing, whatever. Don't really need anymore snow for awhile. Just bragging rights as this point
  12. Not sure what it is here, but more times than not, we either get low end of forecast total or under. Very rare to be fist pumping a larger than forecast storm. Congrats SNE.
  13. Some breaks in clouds with blue sky. Cant remember such a huge bust
  14. Nice sucker hole over our house.Pym south shouldn't complain. I went from 18-24" to probably no more than 6". Frustrating and disappointed. Can't imagine being a met and dealing with frcst.
  15. Congrats York County. Nice sucker hole over our house
  16. Gyx stilk going 10-14 up through here and through erics area. Just not seeing it