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  1. Is that your golf net I spy billy?
  2. Snow/sleet/wind maybe 8-10 in snow on the ground in Sandy Hook , CT
  3. Light snow in Sandy Hook, CT
  4. 26 in Sandy Hook CT.
  5. Sage advice and nice handle.
  6. Weenie bump & q: Do these times all move back an hr on Sun?
  7. Light Rain in Newtown Ct
  8. All snow in Newtown, CT.
  9. 10-12 in sandy Hook, ct. kids could barely walk in it.
  10. Sleetfest in sandy hook, ct
  11. My buddy is in Winter Park, CO and expecting 2-4 feet. He's loves to ski but still isn't thrilled with that amount of snow in April
  12. Its where they're spit out that is in question.-every model is spitting those insane amounts out-just further south.
  13. The Euro had NYC Metro Blizzard conditions 1right until the end during Juno....not saying the NAM is correct, just saying the Euro is not perfect. Sorry if this is banter.
  14. JMA was the 1st model to catch onto a big one a few years ago.
  15. Slight snow has commenced in Danbury, ct.