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  1. Because my opinion is the setup is poor and I believe it’s a whiff. But you guys are back on a couple 6z runs. Where were you last night. I’m not riding each run. The setup doesn’t fit, I’m not changing run to run.
  2. I agree on other threats for Christmas. At least 1-2. This weekend, dry and cool.
  3. No I don’t pay for Euro maps. But I do get what I need. I don’t hug every qpf map. On the record your call is .3 into C Monmouth, mine is cirrus. We’ll verify after, and not ACY. Should’ve walked Bonds.
  4. Has been for awhile if you are looking aloft and forecasting, not humping colors with a magnifying glass on the navgem or eps. Pattern recognition, knowing your locale, experience with similar setups. This one never argued nary a flake. Right now it’s a beach ball, rim looks like a manhole. Ride it. Watch the 17-18th, 13th always been a late bloomer.
  5. Hey jack it’s joe. I use trop tid but get other paid maps from others. Of course you know you don’t post paid maps here. In any case, ride the hot hand. You sticking with the NAM? Don’t look so hot.
  6. Please don’t verify yourself with Atlantic City either. Stick with the forum geography.
  7. It’s hot the last 6 weeks and getting hotter. Be patient, watch the 17-18th as your first shot at some snow. You can’t win em all
  8. You mean the NAM you been humping lol? You’ll get your snow Ant, just not this weekend.
  9. 2-3” is going to have to be a novena. Like I said, sleep with dogs, wake up with fleas. Ride the hot hand.
  10. Goose it’s been that way a couple days. Things organize pretty well down south but it’s just asking too much to bring precip up here. The Midwest shortwave has no room to work with and just acting as a kicker. This just scoots out which I think you’ll see modeled better as we move closer. Euro was actually a step in wrong direction overall.
  11. Sref east, weaker, drier. Cut down snow means.
  12. Euro a bit closer, but still cirrus.
  13. The Canadian is garbage, I’d give the ukie more credence especially since it typically is a bit progressive, but not without any euro support. The ukie has been very erratic and sporadic lately too without any support from the other guns. Buffett will tell you at 1 what to buy, don’t take the grocery checkout guys picks.
  14. .2 into southern Monmouth in this forum from some wound up ensembles members ain’t getting it done. In fact the eps median is a whiff, a few leaners skew it to the flurry side. Why pitch to Bonds with a base open?
  15. Brick and southern nj aren’t this forum. They might see a light wet accumulation. Euro op nothing, eps nothing, gfs op nothing, gefs a few wound up members but largely nothing. You can have the rest. Lie down with dogs, wake up with flees.