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  1. Ski conditions from mount snow to Stratton to Killington to Stowe to wildcat to loon are terrible right now . Dust on crust
  2. Lots of people including my family heading up to the mountains between Christmas and NY for skiing. Will or anyone else care to shed some light on what you think of the chances of rain/snow for the resorts, Stratton, Kmart, NH resorts etc. Any washout days? Thanks!
  3. How’s the Mt. Pocono area looking? Up in the higher spots around 1,700.
  4. A fast Pac flow can be a good for us if we get the correct PNA orientation out west. If it’s more north to south we’ve had that ripping 200+ jet stream coming down the Rockies spawn plenty of big Gulf lows.
  5. 7am at 20” here in west wardsboro, vt between Stratton and mount snow, 1,800 ft. Expected storm totals by tomorrow afternoon 30-36”.
  6. Wagons north on NAM. Warm, less precip, even NE cuts back a lot.
  7. I think at your elevation you’ll do much better. I’d expect a good 8-12” at Searsburg Pass.
  8. Cutter city on most guidance the next couple of weeks.
  9. Is the Euro at least snow for the Ski resorts?