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  1. redbanknjandbigbasslakepa

    March 2018 Discussions & Observations Thread

    And you know better than to take a shot at him because he is far and away the best meteorologist on this board and it’s not close.
  2. redbanknjandbigbasslakepa

    February 2018 Model thread

    Looks like a ton of rain coming for the coast in February. Active pattern but everything cuts.
  3. redbanknjandbigbasslakepa

    1/16-17 Anafrontal/Coastal Low Snows Disco/Obs

    So 4” CNJ north has now become 1-2”, notes.
  4. redbanknjandbigbasslakepa

    Winter 2017-18 banter thread

    PB in trouble on this one. Never underestimate that warm push at 925 and a stale BL at the shore. Colts Neck isn’t getting snow out of this one.
  5. redbanknjandbigbasslakepa

    1/4 Mega Bomb obs.

    Over a foot here in Red Bank, Eastern Monmouth. About 22” for season, about 3” shy of seasonal norm. Glad Monmouth cashed in here, we deserved one.
  6. redbanknjandbigbasslakepa

    December Model Discussion

    Setup is poor for next weekend. It’s toast, next.
  7. redbanknjandbigbasslakepa

    December Model Discussion

    Complete BS. I missed the one minor coastal scraper. I nailed that December would feature significant gold six or seven weeks ago before anyone. Spin the week leading up to Christmas how you wish but you blew that one. You laughed st others suggesting we’d have a moderation lasting more than a day or two and said the period between the 20-25 would be cold with snow. It’s not. I believe you even said White Christmas, not. You’ve been no better than I have, and your immediate call now leading into Christmas Day went up in smoke.
  8. redbanknjandbigbasslakepa

    December Model Discussion

    Not completely true, some where hanging onto the chance of snow.
  9. redbanknjandbigbasslakepa

    December Model Discussion

    The Euro is a disaster for Christmas. It’s nothing but a wind driven rain and then flash freeze for Christmas Day now. The holiday weekend is essentially a mild washout. Give it a week, the pattern after will be better for the coast, likely a couple chances at snow to rain.
  10. redbanknjandbigbasslakepa

    December Model Discussion

    Your point? I think the issue here is that emotionally we wanted cold and snow (myself included) for Christmas after having such promise a few weeks ago, so there is a bias. It’s not happening now. Temps are average the next two days, very warm Saturday with rain, warm Christmas Eve with chance of showers and finally colder late Christmas Eve into Christmas Day with the front (average temps). The Christmas period is toast now, turn your attention to later next week. The problem with later next week is that the trough being pulled back further west is going to allow for cyclogenesis over the Rockies and without any help in Atlantic we snow to rain with an inland track. Need some help there.
  11. redbanknjandbigbasslakepa

    December Model Discussion

    Gfs is warm and wet Saturday and much of Christmas Eve. Cold bleeds in Christmas Day and cold overwhelms a few days before an apps runner snow to rain in the coastal plain later next week.
  12. redbanknjandbigbasslakepa

    Winter 2017-18 banter thread

    I agree Christmas Day is the transition period and the week between then and New Years is prime. I’ve liked it awhile. But the banter from PB of cold before Christmas and white Christmas etc is going to turn out wrong. The week leading into Christmas including most of the Christmas Eve weekend etc is above average and green. No denying it, that week was missed by many, as the general thought was that the 20-25 period would be cold and white.
  13. redbanknjandbigbasslakepa

    Winter 2017-18 banter thread

    Check your obs and your forecast for the weekend. 55-60 right now in region, 50 Friday, 60 Saturday and 50s Christmas Eve. Rain for good measure too. Christmas Day could be warm until the front comes through. You are ignoring all of this. Wait, forget I said all of this, I saw an EPO chart, supposed to go negative, tell the atmosphere, alert! alert! it can't be 60 Saturday the EPO chart says so! If you've noticed PB has gone awfully quiet, even he would admit he's wrong and was arrogant about his call which has gone down in flames.
  14. redbanknjandbigbasslakepa

    Winter 2017-18 banter thread

    You are kidding me right? As bad as I busted on a 3" snow, the Christmas bust is worse for you guys. And you (especially PB) have put it in people's faces too. I hope you're joking though, it's going to be 60 and rain this weekend and your Christmas is going to be warm and brown, deal with it. The best you might salvage is a cold front on Christmas Day. PBs call was for a few days relaxation and a cold and possibly snowy Christmas. Well that's turned into about 7-10 days of above normal, at least 3-5 days significantly so, rain and no snow for you. Deal with it.
  15. redbanknjandbigbasslakepa

    December 2017 Discussions & Observations Thread

    Where’s he on his blown calls? He mocked you all on the se ridge for Christmas but looks like he’ll be flipping burgers on the patio.