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  1. Today's evasive storm maneuvers were a work of art to miss Burke in the way it did...
  2. jbakerman

    August Discobs 2019

    Watching from my home in Burke now. Still no rain, but winds have really kicked up since the outflow moved through.
  3. jbakerman

    July Discobs 2019

    Yup, I'm off of Shiplett, maybe a 500 feet north of Old Keene Mill. Wish I had a view of Pohick Creek right now.
  4. jbakerman

    July Discobs 2019

    My backyard is the border for West Springfield (the big power lines), so eastern Burke I was driving home from Fairfax City this morning hoping to cross Guinea before Long Branch rose... lotta anxiety during that 20 minute drive!
  5. jbakerman

    July Discobs 2019

    Burke didn't do too bad. Recorded 2.06 from the event in less than hour.
  6. jbakerman

    June Discobs 2019

    2.15 from today, in Burke. Backyard nearly had rapids going in the downhill portion. Good stuff.
  7. jbakerman

    2018 Mid-Atlantic General Severe Discussion

    For those in FFX, there's water running across Guinea between Braeburn and Braddock in two different spots. I was able to drive over it (didn't see it, not a fun surprise). Was worst around the Long Branch stream.
  8. jbakerman

    2018 Mid-Atlantic General Severe Discussion

    Micro split between two stronger clusters. Our trees are gracious.
  9. jbakerman

    August OBS/DISCO

    1.62 in the gauge. Lightning show was great, but only one small patch of winds about 30 minutes into it, so we missed out there. No hail.
  10. jbakerman

    July Obs/Disco Thread

    I've got 3.89 in my gauge since midnight, with .62 yesterday. Not bad! I was driving on Olley earlier this morning, at least 2 inches ago, and water on the road was already a problem at the bottom of the hill heading south towards Braddock. Burke Lake near Shiplett had major ponding as well.
  11. jbakerman

    Aug OBS / Discuss

    Trying to get my older son's heart to stop racing from that one. We were watching by the front door.
  12. jbakerman

    August 2015 Obs and Disco

    I'll stand in for mattie g -- quality soaker in Burke, but thunder and lightning mostly underwhelming. Great for the grass and shrubs though.
  13. jbakerman

    June Obs and Daily Disco

    A barely audible trail of thunder heard in Burke around 4:30. Hope you didn't miss it!
  14. jbakerman

    6.8.15 Obs: Destruction From Above!

    Average storm in Burke. A few good gusts sent some small branches flying and that was about it. Til next time...
  15. jbakerman

    Severe storms 2015 general chatter

    Great lightning in that one, winds were mid-storm, a few gusts, but nothing special. Hail core came towards the end in (I'm on the Burke/West Springfield border). Hail was between pea and penny sized, came down furiously before cutting off. Not bad!