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  1. For DC-BWI I think this run is perfect because it places us solidly in the center of the heaviest axis of precip. Whether its 0.75 or 1.25, whatever this storm pans out to be I want to be in the center of it. I'll take this ANY day. Especially when earlier runs had us much closer to the cutoffs.
  2. Still beautiful, solidly over 0.75.
  3. Me too, no one here at my job has any idea a snowstorm is even possible besides myself. I think many people are going to be very suprised by the impacts of this storm, since 6-12 inches of wet snow can do a number on trees/powerlines.
  4. Yeah I know it's possible to get 2 inch/hr rates for 6 hours I'm just saying it's fairly rare for us and usually involves some luck to be in the right place. It does seem like the chances of it happening are increasing for the DC-Baltimore area. I'm not gonna be disappointed if we end up with 4-6 inches though.
  5. Yeah you would need some prolific rates to get 1.5 inches in a storm that may only last 6-10 hours.
  6. Wow NAM drops over .75 in 6 hours at 30 hr with it still snowing hard according to sim radar.
  7. I have to say it's really nice to have the NAM/GFS/UKMET/SREF/EURO/GGEM/RGEM/Short Range models all agreeing about this and not having to be on the edge of your seat for every run up until gametime.
  8. The good part is you can divide by two and still get a good storm.
  9. Kinda suprised they are holding off on watches for DC-BAL, especially now seeing the RGEM looks as good as the NAM. Maybe they are waiting for the GFS?
  10. Luckily it looks like some of the heavier stuff will be falling at/just after sunset.
  11. Wow we really cash in on this run. Perfect everything. Please stay this way.
  12. This. Tomorrow afternoon would be the dicey part travel wise so they have time.
  13. Dont worry 51 saves the day. Check NYC thread. Sim radar raking DC at 48 just ending at 54, looks nice!
  14. Through 30 850 0 line is S of it's location at 36 on 18z. Secondary area of precip to the W slightly more robust.
  15. Has channel 9 looked at any models today?
  16. I remember there being at least 2-3 inches on the grass here around 13th and Harvard.
  17. How is this potential of this storm near either of the Feb 2010 storms? EDIT: I see which one you are talking about now, my bad.
  18. Yes I agree it would be ideal . So what are we looking at for duration of frozen preciptation in our area if this GFS/NAM scenario plays out? It changes over sometime between 48-54 and is outta here by 60 basically. That would imply some impressive rates for a couple hours at least if the GFS qpf is close.
  19. Wow looking at those GFS snow maps it must have the surface cooling just as the heavy ULL precip starts. Would be an unbelievably awesome scenario if that really happened.
  20. Does anyone have the surface temps for 48 and 54? Certainly looks like it crashes at 850 in a hurry based on the progression of the 0c 850 line.
  21. Wow verbatim that would be a 5+ inch snowfall from DC south through Central VA. Seems too good to be true.
  22. I wouldn't worry about that yet. If the surface temp cools so will the ground and if the precip is heavy enough it will stick, but that's all so up in the air right now for 95 that I wouldn't waste too much time thinking about it.
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