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  1. Reminds me of that January storm last year where Poconos north got annihilated while the forum got screwed.
  2. Euro brings a little hope back to the forum. Wow is the Hudson Valley plastered.
  3. Ukie snowfall. 10” line just NW of the city now. Beautiful.
  4. Holy Ukie. Wow. Euro should be damn interesting.
  5. Nam holds course. Nice front end thump.
  6. Nam holds course. Nice front end thump.
  7. Agreed. Gfs isn’t far off from a euro outcome though. Just needs better spacing. .
  8. http://collaboration.cmc.ec.gc.ca/cmc/cmdn/pcpn_type/pcpn_type_gem_reg.html .
  9. That’s what I thought last night. Until Euro wouldn’t budge. .
  10. Just remember 2013-14 winter. Completely EPO and PNA driven and looked what happened. Just saying.
  11. That one hit home Raphie. I was only 12 for this storm, but I remember the disappointment as well. It sucked.
  12. Wake up people. Things are starting to look good. 12-24 on GFS and now 8-12 on the euro. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Euro looked great. Colder than the GFS. Solid 6" for most.
  14. Or shades of Feb 2014. Which it actually worked for.