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    Hurricane Florence Catch all Thread

    00z Euro into NC.
  2. jrodd321

    January Mid-Long Range Disco

    Agreed. Gfs isn’t far off from a euro outcome though. Just needs better spacing. .
  3. jrodd321

    Jan 4th Coastal

    http://collaboration.cmc.ec.gc.ca/cmc/cmdn/pcpn_type/pcpn_type_gem_reg.html .
  4. jrodd321

    Jan 4th Coastal

  5. jrodd321

    December 2017 Mid-Long Range Disco

    That’s what I thought last night. Until Euro wouldn’t budge. .
  6. Just remember 2013-14 winter. Completely EPO and PNA driven and looked what happened. Just saying.
  7. jrodd321

    EPA/NJ/DE General Winter Discussions

    That one hit home Raphie. I was only 12 for this storm, but I remember the disappointment as well. It sucked.
  8. jrodd321

    EPA/NJ/DE General Winter Discussions

    Wake up people. Things are starting to look good. 12-24 on GFS and now 8-12 on the euro. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. jrodd321

    Feb 8-9th Storm discussion

    Euro looks very RGEMish.
  10. jrodd321

    Feb 8-9th Storm discussion

    Euro is a solid 8-12 for the entire area.
  11. jrodd321

    Coastal Crusher Feb 9th 2017

    GGEM is gorgeous.
  12. jrodd321

    EPA/NJ/DE General Winter Discussions

    Dr. No becoming Dr. Yes!!?!?!?!
  13. jrodd321

    Coastal Crusher Feb 9th 2017

    Euro looked great. Colder than the GFS. Solid 6" for most.
  14. jrodd321

    February Model Discussion

    Or shades of Feb 2014. Which it actually worked for.
  15. jrodd321

    EPA/NJ/DE General Winter Discussions

    Holy crap did the Euro just take huge steps towards last nights GFS weenie run. Like wow.
  16. jrodd321

    Front End Thump Event 12-17 / 12-18

    Yep solid 4-6" on the GFS for immediate burbs. More towards Redsky and Quakertown (Andy).
  17. Fun night. Snow/rained for awhile. Got a nice coating on the grass. Getting ready for an awesome December. Fingers crossed.
  18. jrodd321

    Winter 2016-17 Digital Snow Thread

    Well we can always count on December 5th for being a snowstorm day.
  19. jrodd321

    Potential Hermine Impacts

    Ukie east.
  20. jrodd321

    Nor' Easter Threat Mar. 20th 2016

    here you go bud. Huge hit for us.
  21. Yep just noticed. Tom just texted me the server host is doing maintenance.
  22. jrodd321

    philly get together?

    flyers. So down. I'll be there dude.
  23. Latest RAP says is gonna be a fun next 12 hours folks. This storm nowhere near done yet. Bring it.
  24. This storm isnt even close to over dude.